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Nearly One-Third of North American Companies Lack High Confidence in Their IT Networks: Report

WATERLOO, ON August 4, 2015 — Twenty-nine percent of IT professionals lack high confidence in the ability of their corporate network to meet the needs of the business they work for, according to a recent network management survey.

Auvik Networks surveyed 332 in-house IT administrators across the US and Canada to ask about network management practices and challenges. The results, recently published as Network Field Report 2015, paint a sobering picture of network operations in companies today. For example:

  • 57% of IT pros don’t have a full picture of how their networks are configured
  • 29% never or rarely back up their network configuration
  • 33% never or rarely update their documentation
  • 47% do no proactive network planning

“The numbers show that many companies have networks at risk,” said Alex Hoff, Auvik’s vice president of product management. “The results also indicate that IT administrators are overwhelmed — they’re often working long hours but still don’t have enough time to implement network best practices.”

When respondents were asked about projects they weren’t doing but wished they were, upgrading or rebuilding the network, implementing better monitoring, and doing a better job of mapping and documenting the network topped the list. Fifty-four percent said lack of time was the major block to completing these projects, while 42% cited lack of budget.

The complete results of the Network Field Report 2015 survey are available here: