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Top 5 Network Challenges And How To Solve Them

Gain the skills necessary to confidently manage and optimize your networks.

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In the ever-evolving landscape of modern business, the ability to swiftly solve network issues stands as a cornerstone of success. Networks today shoulder the weight of mission-critical tasks like never before, making rapid issue resolution imperative. Without a robust strategy, networks risk stumbling into the costly pitfall of downtime.

  • Skill shortages in network management
  • Fluctuations in demands and needs
  • Proving network innocence
  • Shadow IT/SaaS explosion
  • Distributed workforces and centralized management 

Watch the webinar for an engaging session that empowers you with the skills to confidently tackle the top 5 network challenges head-on.


Nolan Green, Product Marketing Manager at Auvik

Nolan Greene

Product Marketing Manager

Spent 10+ years in the IT and Networking industries working alongside organizations undergoing digital transformation, starting as an industry analyst before going on to work for multiple global software companies.

Hao Zhang

Hao Zhang

Manager, Sales Engineering

Hao has served on the front lines of technical support, sales engineering, and as an account executive, gaining a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by network professionals. He’s a staunch advocate of our Auvik principle, “Wow our customers,” consistently exceeding expectations with exceptional service.

Visualize and manage your network

See everything

  • Improve network visibility and IT asset management

    Complete your network picture. Automated network discovery, inventory, and documentation updated in real-time.

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  • Visualize networks in an easy-to-use map dashboard

    See multiple sites or drill down into specific devices using an intuitive interface.

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  • Analyze network traffic intelligently

    Easily identify who’s on the network, what they’re doing, and where their traffic is going.

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  • Navigate networks with ease

    Understand the big network picture. Narrow down possible devices to investigate, and zoom in to get the info you need.

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Simplify everything

  • Improve performance monitoring and troubleshooting

    Respond to network issues in real-time. Dive deep into problems with syslog. Ensure users are always connected to the business critical resources they need.

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  • Manage distributed sites efficiently

    Centralize and standardize how you manage multiple sites through a single dashboard. Whether they’re across the city, the country, or the globe.

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  • Access the network from anywhere

    Troubleshoot issues without ever leaving your desk. Connect to network devices remotely through Auvik Network Management’s inventory.

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  • Standardize information with our vendor-agnostic approach

    Discover devices you may not have even been able to wire trace. Auvik Network Management is compatible with thousands of vendors and versions.

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Centralize everything

  • Automate documentation in a single source of truth

    Forget tedious excel spreadsheets with outdated information. Auvik Network Management finds and saves serial numbers, support information, and more, automatically.

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  • Save your configurations automatically and compare any versions

    Access up-to-date device configurations. See a snapshot of all historical configs. Gain the ability to export or restore a configuration with ease and in seconds.

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  • Integrate with your favorite IT platforms, including Microsoft Teams

    Bring your team together and keep them informed. Use any of our 50+ pre-configured alerts that you can customize and send to platforms you already use.

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  • Create powerful workflows with Auvik Network Management APIs

    Pull data points like alert history, inventory, and all historical stats. Integrate them into a third-party application or use the data yourself.

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