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The real-time Wi-Fi packet analyzer

Find interference, identify bandwidth and airtime problems, and resolve Wi-Fi issues quickly with Tonic from MetaGeek, an Auvik company.

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screenshot showing air time usage and packet counts

See What You’re Capturing

With Tonic, select the network, AP, or radio you’re interested in, and watch a live view of your packet traffic. Data frames, ACKs, Authentication Frames - Tonic counts them all up in real time. You’ll never doubt that you captured an Association Request and Response, ever again.

If you see it, you’ve captured it!

screenshot showing active clients table and airtime usage chart

Real-time Air Time

Since each wireless channel has limited capacity, efficient airtime utilization is crucial for high-performance Wi-Fi. Tonic shows you data rates in realtime, allowing you to identify slow-transmitting devices that are clogging up your network.

screenshot showing AP, frame type, and client

Multi-channel packet capture

Multi-channel analysis is critical when troubleshooting client roaming issues on a WLAN, especially when attempting to solve issues for highly-mobile applications such as Voice over WFi (VoWi-Fi).

Tonic supports Client Following, which allows you to use up to 3 adapters to watch for roaming devices (clients) on different channels.

Learn more about which packet capture adapters you can use with Tonic.