Streamline Offboarding:
Cut SaaS Waste & Boost Security

Employee transitions present unique challenges in maintaining
access control and security protocols. Most of these offboarding
tasks are manual, time-consuming and often inaccurate.

Studies show that over 30% of ex-employees still have access to
SaaS tools after they leave.
Transform this process with automated
and secure offboarding reporting to eliminate license waste and company risk.

Auvik SaaS Management Employee Offboard Report & Checklist


Automated change management

Automated offboarding checklists
Automatically generate a checklist of all the applications the employee used in their role. Share reports internally & externally to empower HR, IT, and business leaders with the information they need to properly offboard an employee.

Comprehensive access review reports
Detailed review reports on former employees’ access privileges that are generated to ensure a thorough revocation process.

Seamless transition assurance
Maintain strict access visibility for a smooth transition, preventing unauthorized access during offboarding periods.


Managing SaaS access chaos

Complete account inventory
View an entire account inventory for all users and their access to applications.

SSO detection
Identify applications that are being accessed without corporate SSO.

Access logs
Full logs identifying when, where, and how users are accessing applications.

Account risks
Identify shared & service accounts increasing business risk for data exposure. Separate user access during offboarding, ensuring a smoother transition with less risk of chaos.

Personal access
Review applications that employees access with personal credentials.

SaaS New Alerts - 2024
Chat GPT, Box, Trello,, Canva

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Operational Efficency

Eliminate SaaS waste

Total license reclamation
Identify unused or underutilized licenses during offboarding, ensuring efficient license management and cost savings.

User deprovisioning
Streamline the deprovisioning of SaaS applications, preventing lost spend on unused and no longer needed tool subscriptions.

Compliance with IT policies
Ensure a consistent application of offboarding practices that are in line with company IT policies. Prevent unnecessary retention of unused software licenses, avoid potential data breach costs, and optimize resource allocation. 

Why Choose Auvik?

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 Replace manual tasks with streamlined SaaS, account, and access documentation.

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Maintain stringent access lists even through transitions.

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Ensure adherence to
governance standards.


“Employees often do the wrong thing, and they’ll continue to do the wrong things unless you can have a big bright flashlight on those things. Auvik SaaS Management tells us which systems people are using. It’s a problem if they’re outside the scope of the standard system provided by the company. That’s crucial because employees don’t necessarily protect their own systems adequately.”