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Auvik SaaS Management

IT Trends Unveiled:
Strategies for SaaS Management

Join us on June 19th at 2 PM ET.

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We regret that you couldn’t make it to our live demo. If you’re still interested, please reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll happily send you the recording!

Why Attend?

In this 30 minute live demo, our SaaS product expert Ben Botti will show you the latest updates to Auvik SaaS Management that will help you discover & manage your SaaS Environment. Here’s a sneak peek of our session:

  • Learn From Experts: Hear from our SaaS Management SMEs about the changes in the digital landscape over the past few years that have contributed to the shadow IT risks that face us today.
  • Powerful and automated discovery: Automate the documentation of your entire desktop, business, and SaaS applications inventory and uncover shadow IT housing critical business data.​
  • Access and account inventory management: Gain insights into where risks lurk across your business’s app stack. Stay informed about compliance risks, such as employees sharing accounts or using service accounts.​
  • NEWLY Added SaaS Service Monitoring: With SaaS Service Monitoring, we alert and display outages right inside of Auvik SaaS Management for MSPs and Internal IT teams to stay in the know!


Ben Botti

Auvik SaaS Management Product Manager

Ben specializes in partnering with MSPs and IT teams to address their most critical challenges, with nearly 15 years of expertise in the space. Initially honing his skills within a regional MSP, he now contributes to developing tools designed to support IT teams as a Senior Product Manager at Auvik. His background covers Automation, Telecom, and now, overseeing solutions in Auvik’s SaaS Management product, reflecting his commitment to enhancing and building the best tools for frictionless IT.