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What you’ll get with this Network Assessment Report Template

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Customizable document

Plug in your findings and recommendations and voila! A comprehensive, ready-to-go network assessment report.

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Sample copy

Read through sample network assessment findings and recommendations for each section to help kick-start your own report.

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Step-by-step instructions

Not sure where to start for client reports? Don’t worry! We’ve included detailed instructions within the template, including tips for Auvik free trial users.

What is a network assessment report?

A network assessment report pulls together all the insights from a network assessment and lays it out for your client. It’s a pretty detailed report, touching on everything from inventory and firmware to software, the layout of the network, how it’s performing, any configuration errors, and even security.

Not only does this report highlight what’s been done to fix problems, but it also dishes out advice on how to deal with new network hiccups that have popped up.

What is a network assessment report template?

A network assessment report template is a pre-structured document that outlines the essential elements to be covered when reporting the findings from a network assessment. It serves as a guide for MSPs to ensure that all critical aspects of the network are evaluated and reported in a consistent and comprehensive manner.

When to create a network assessment report

Conducting a network assessment and drafting a report is important if:

  • You start working with a new client. In this case, a network assessment report can steer the relationship and establish client expectations.
  • You or your client can’t see what’s happening on the network. Network assessments and reports serve as detective tools that assist you in getting a clearer picture of what you’re dealing with.
  • There’s a shift in network performance. If systems aren’t operating as they used to, it’s high time to dig deep and find out what’s off.
  • It’s time for significant changes to the network. For instance, you might want to introduce a new service or transfer data, like moving from an on-site system to a cloud-based one.
  • Your client is looking to cut down network costs. A report can pinpoint areas where savings can be made, such as underused resources.

A network assessment report is an invaluable tool in the IT landscape. It provides clients and network managers with the necessary insights to make informed decisions about future actions and investments.

Whether it’s a new client relationship, mysterious network behavior, a change in network performance, a major network overhaul, or a quest to reduce costs, a thorough network assessment report is the key to navigating these challenges.

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