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Articles related to protocols & communication

Mastering SNMP Traps: Understanding, Implementing, and Best Practices

Effective network monitoring and management are essential for maintaining optimal performance and ensuring business continuity in today’s comple

What is DHCP?

In the early years of the internet, it was common to simply use a spreadsheet to manually assign and track IP addresses. We’d be given a generous pool

Agent vs Agentless Monitoring: Which is Best?

Agent-based and agentless monitoring are the two main approaches network monitoring tools use to capture and report data from network devices. As the

Network Basics: What Is SNMP and How Does It Work?

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is a framework used to identify devices and monitor performance within a shared network. Review the basics.

Network Basics: Spanning Tree Protocol

For new networkers, Spanning Tree Protocol can be intimidating. But don’t worry! In this easy-to-understand intro, Ethan Banks walks you through the b

Network Basics: What is EIGRP?

In a mainly Cisco network, many opt for EIGRP. While easy to set up, a robust EIGRP design needs more. Discover pitfalls and best practices.

What Else But SNMP?

What does the future hold for SNMP? SNMP isn’t dead, but there’s been a gradual shift to other network monitoring alternatives. Let’s explore.

What’s next for the Internet of Things?

As IoT expands, it’s vital to understand the future of IoT. Explore IoT trends & predictions, and what they mean for managing IoT networks.

Top 6 VPN Protocols (And When to Use Them)

VPNs seem simple, but choosing the right type matters. Explore client-based vs. network-based VPNs and their optimal use cases.

The Future of Private Addresses: Goodbye NAT, Hello IPv6

So how do we get from IPv4 to IPv6—which we all agree has to happen—when there’s still a raging debate about one of the biggest band-aids – Network Ad

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