IT Trends 2024

Bridging Gaps through Automation and Strategic Investments

Join us on May 21st at 2 PM ET.

It trends 2024: industry report

This annual report explores the experiences of IT professionals working in a field that continues to face growing demand amid talent shortages, resource limitations, and tool sprawl. Glenn Gray, Director of Product Marketing, will outline the top trends (including what’s changed since 2023), examine the current challenges, and provide recommendations for the year ahead.

Gain Strategic Insights. Drive IT Forward.

  • Automation Revolution: Understand how to leverage automation to minimize talent gaps and increase operational efficiencies.
  • Leaders Vs. Technicians: Discover the differing perspectives between IT leadership and on-the-ground technicians, and how to bridge the gap.
  • Investment Priorities: Get insights on where IT budgets are focusing in 2024 and how to optimize your investments.
  • Outsourcing as Strategy: Explore how outsourcing can address the escalating demands placed on IT departments and businesses.


Glenn Gray, Director, Product Marketing, Auvik

Glenn Gray

Director, Product Marketing

Find out how IT professionals are managing day-to-day operations, dealing with talent shortages, and preparing for future needs.

It trends 2024: industry report