If tech support had a motto, it’d be reminiscent of Rule #4 of the Auvik Way: Even when it’s not your fault, it’s your problem. But sometimes, there are problems so bad you wouldn’t want to deal with them.

We’ve rounded up 17 examples from the r/techsupportgore subreddit that are sure to send a palm to your face and a shiver down your spine:

  1. This USB receiver that’s now built into the laptop.
  2. Plugging in your USB receiver with a hammer for that flush mounted look. from r/techsupportgore

    Good luck getting that one out.

  3. This slightly crispy power bar.
  4. “My space heater stopped working” from r/techsupportgore

    Turns out the space heater was warming up more than the office.

  5. This foolproof preventative measure.
  6. Found this today at a customers location… from r/iiiiiiitttttttttttt

    Yes, they’re hot glued to the switch. No, there’s nothing you can do about it.

  7. This guy who saved over 50,000 emails to his desktop.
  8. Accidentally saved all the emails to my desktop, all 50,000+ from r/techsupportgore

    Whatever you do, do not press CTRL+A. (Click through if the image doesn’t preview for you.)

  9. This nest within a nest.
  10. I think I found where all the troubles are. from r/techsupportgore

    You’re gonna need the number for animal control.

  11. This guy who took his phone repair into his own hands.
  12. Customer came in with his iPhone, his glass cracked, he thought he could peel off the glass so he wouldn’t notice the crack anymore. from r/techsupportgore

    Let’s give credit where credit is due… I don’t see a crack anymore.

  13. This unbelievable dust bunny.
  14. “My PC shut off suddenly and won’t turn back on.” from r/techsupportgore

    My allergy senses are tingling.

  15. This nausea-inducing hospital server room.
  16. Hospital server room from r/techsupportgore

    Well… at least you’re already in the hospital.

  17. This portable mini pillow.
  18. “Why is there a pillow inside my tablet?” from r/techsupportgore

    It’s for sleeping, duh.

  19. This unfortunate leak.
  20. Walked into work this morning (after 2 days of rain) to find an unexpected leak from r/techsupportgore

    office-water-damage.exe is downloading at 1 drip per second.

  21. This server room surprise.
  22. Who installed Python on the switches? from r/techsupportgore

    Say “hello” to your newest tech.

  23. This tricky printer jam.
  24. “The printer isn’t working” from r/techsupportgore

    I think the printer is working just fine.

  25. This actual explosion.
  26. A slight charging issue. from r/techsupportgore

    Aren’t you glad this doesn’t fall under your job description?

  27. This DIY hard drive removal.
  28. One of my coworkers tried to remove the hard drive from a MacBook Pro… from r/techsupportgore

    C’mon… The hard drive’s still in there!

  29. This… inventive… projector installation.
  30. Rate my projector install? from r/techsupportgore

    That’s got to be an ‘A’ for creativity, right?

  31. This seriously damaged hard drive.
  32. “Can you still recover my data?” from r/techsupportgore

    Think of it like a puzzle. An impossible tech support puzzle.

  33. This sticky situation.
  34. I need somewhere to set this candle….oh here’s a good spot! from r/techsupportgore

    Just throw it out—there’s no coming back from this.

  1. Paul Hauk Avatar
    Paul Hauk

    A co-worker of mine told me this about a Tech Supporter he knew: After dealing with a customer for longer than he felt was justifiable, the Tech Supporter asked the question that ended the issue. TS “Do you have the box that your computer came in?” Exasperated Customer “YES!”. TS ” Well then, pack up your computer, send it back, and do not buy another one, as you are too STUPID, to use a computer!”.

    Which, to say the least, earned for the TS, EARLY NON-PENSIONIZED RETIREMENT!

    1. Martin Grant Avatar
      Martin Grant

      why you always lying? that story has been doing the rounds since 1998

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