As the managed services market becomes increasingly competitive, you’re likely looking for ways to boost your MSP’s productivity and efficiency.

You’ve already got a stellar PSA, RMM, and network management tool, but you need something more. You need something like a TED Talk… or six… to inspire fresh ideas and make your MSP the best it can be.

That’s why we surfed the web and found six seriously awesome speakers to bring you a new perspective on your business. All in 18 minutes or less. Check them out.

  1. How to hire the right tech talent
  2. In 2020, there will be an estimated 1.4 million tech jobs available in the US, but only 400,000 new computer science graduates to fill them. That’s not great.

    Luckily Johanna Mikkola, CEO of Wyncode Academy, says hiring and training locally will help you overcome the tech talent shortage and fill open roles in your MSP while creating sustainable growth for your business.

  3. 3 ways to make better decisions—by thinking like a computer
  4. As an MSP owner or manager, decision-making is a daily part of your job. But it isn’t always easy. If you struggle to confidently make decisions, then this TED Talk is for you.

    Watch computational cognitive scientist Tom Griffiths explain how you can apply the logic of computers to solve everyday problems using three practical strategies for making better decisions.

  5. Why you should treat the tech you use at work like a colleague
  6. Is this software reporting to the right person? Do this man and machine work well together? Is that technology actually the team member everyone is awkwardly avoiding?

    When you start treating your company’s core technology like colleagues, it’s more likely those tools will get used, says tech mentor Nadjia Yousif. The result? A higher return on investment and a more productive workforce.

  7. 3 ways to measure your adaptability—and how to improve it
  8. In 2000, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings pitched Blockbuster CEO John Antioco on a partnership to manage Blockbuster’s online business. Citing his millions of customers, Antioco laughed Hastings out of the room.

    While we all know how that turned out, the story points to a relevant lesson: Antioco wasn’t ready—or able—to adapt to a predictable change in the global tech landscape.

    As an MSP, you don’t have any choice—you have to adapt to tech advancements and keep your clients up to date too. Venture investor Natalie Fratto shares three ways you can measure, test, and improve your “adaptability quotient.”

  9. The surprising ingredient that makes businesses work better
  10. In the US, a survey finds 70% of workers are disengaged, costing companies $550 billion every year. How do you fix it? It’s not through luck. Snam CEO Marco Alverà says creating a culture of fairness is the secret sauce for increased employee happiness and better business results.

  11. How to stay calm when you know you’ll be stressed
  12. You’re not at your best when you’re stressed. But neuroscientist Daniel Levitin says there are things you can do and systems you can put in place that can prevent bad things from happening—or minimize the likelihood of complete catastrophe.

    It all starts with “prospective hindsight,” or thinking ahead to what your MSP’s potential failures may be and putting a process in place to handle them if (or when) they happen.

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