As the old adage goes “the only constant is change.” This is certainly true in any growth-stage tech company.

It’s a very exciting time here at Auvik as we continue to accelerate our growth and take market share. To that end, today we announced that we’ve expanded our leadership team as we embark on this next chapter of growth. I’d like to welcome Bob Feller as Chief Financial Officer, Courtney Harrison as Chief Human Resources Officer, and Siva Ananmalay as Chief Development Officer.

In addition, Auvik’s co-founder, Alex Hoff, has also taken on a new role as Chief Strategy Officer. Alex will be partnering with me to shape Auvik’s long-term strategic plans while maintaining our focus on continued innovation.

Why now?

In 2022, we made three big, strategic acquisitions to broaden our platform:

  • MetaGeek: an industry-leading provider of Wi-Fi tools that help network professionals more efficiently deploy and maintain wireless networks.
  • Saaslio: a leading SaaS discovery solution enabling companies to securely manage applications
  • Boardgent: an intuitive platform for managing and protecting desktops and laptops remotely

2022 was a year of record-setting growth for Auvik. We’ve entered an accelerated growth phase for the company, particularly as we evolve from offering a single product focused on network management and monitoring to Auvik as a multi-product SaaS suite. A unified platform with many awesome out-of-the-box experiences where simplicity reigns.

As IT challenges continue to become more complex, we need to continue to deliver on our promise: to provide simple yet effective monitoring and management tools that deliver maximum value for any style of IT environment that our customers have in the new last mile of the office network.

Meet our new leadership team!

Alex Hoff

Alex Hoff
Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

Auvik’s co-founder and resident “Big Brain”, is assuming a new role as Chief Strategy Officer. That means forming the team to support our ever-expanding technology needs associated with a move from a single-product to a multi-product company. In this role, Alex will focus on the organization’s long-term strategic plans and continued technology innovation and will facilitate the integration of Auvik’s new products into its software to ensure the continuation of smooth operations.

Bob Feller - Chief Financial Officer at Auvik

Bob Feller
Chief Financial Officer

Bob Feller brings over thirty years of leadership experience to Auvik. As our new Chief Financial Officer, Bob will oversee and manage the continued growth of the company through strategic financial planning and legal guidance. Bob comes to us with a wealth of noteworthy projects he’s navigated, including a successful IPO at, a private equity transaction at WorkForce Software, and a secondary offering at Scientific Learning.

Courtney Harrison - Chief Human Resources Officer at Auvik

Courtney Harrison
Chief Human Resources Officer

Courtney Harrison’s passion for a vibrant work culture led to her new role as Auvik’s Chief Human Resources Officer. Courtney is dedicated to ensuring all employees have a seat at the table in order to foster business success and cultural evolution. She has worked at organizations at every stage, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500s including American Express, GlaxoSmithKline, Nike, Juniper Networks, OneLogin, and nonprofits like the US Olympic Committee.

Siva Ananmalay - Chief Development Officer at Auvik

Siva Ananmalay
Chief Development Officer

will lead product delivery as Auvik’s new Chief Development Officer. With experience leading engineering and product teams for a number of well-known networking, security, and mobile companies including Extreme, Cisco, Juniper Networks, and Ericsson, Siva will apply his knowledge to help us develop and deliver technology that continues to provide a seamless experience for users.

We look forward to another year of growth in 2023. We are just getting started…


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