We’ve seen a lot of terrible stock photos in our day. A lot. So when we saw this list of Funniest Hacker Stock Photos from TeachPrivacy, we were inspired to put together our own list for networking.

Here’s what happens when you search a stock database for photos about networking, of the computer kind.

stock network photos enter the network screen
Enter The Computer Network. Oooh, this is so exciting. I feel like I’m in a cyber-spy movie. Am I in a cyber-spy movie?

stock network photo: Technician in a tank top
Networking meets the son of the Village People. Because nothing says networking like a tank top and hard hat. With safety goggles. And a drill in your pocket.

network stock photos: insanely happy guy
What is he so damn happy about? Where does he have his hand? What the heck is that suit made of? WHO IS THIS GUY?

network stock photo: guy stares at blue wires
Duuuuude, look at the pretty blue snake. Whoa.

bad network stock photos: technician pointing at a rack
How many times have I told you: No loopbacks! Don’t make me come in there.

bad network stock photos: woman uses her mind
I feel the network. I shape the network. I am the network.

network stock photos cloud computing screen
Oh, so this is the cloud computing thing everyone keeps talking about. Imma click right here and sign in. Wheeee!

bad network stock photo: man eating hardware
No words.

network stock photos tiny people on chip
Dammit, Carl! How many times have I told you not to ride your bike on the network. Now we’ve had to call the tiny medics. Wait, is this a metaphor? Carl?

terrible stock photos network technician in a terrified trance
Whatever you do, don’t look into the eyes of the beast. Mark, I said don’t look!!

stock network photos: a spiderweb & people holding shoulders
The computer network is like a giant web, you see. Isn’t it pretty? Let’s all sing Kumbaya.

bad network stock photo: woman in a fancy dress against a rack
No, that’s not what it means when we say we’re bringing sexy back to networking.

stock network photos network technician meditating in data center
I went to this seminar where a lady taught me how to be the network. Works every time. See? The network’s calmer already.

terrible stock photos computer networking globe
I have Photoshop. I like to blend stuff. And the globe adds a powerful message, don’t you think? It’s like, we’re all connected. You know?

terrible stock computer network photos  man on laptop collage
All I’m saying is you can’t go wrong with Photoshop.

network stock photo: holding an @ symbol
…then I slip this little symbol thingie in the back and… look at that! Emails! Isn’t networking amazing?

network stock photos hipster is online
I am on the line!

Ryan LaFlamme

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