Auvik wants your nightmares (your network nightmares)! Our open call for Network Nightmares, Vol. 2 is here!

dancing skeletons

Spooky season is back, and it’s time for us to update our collection of some of the scariest networking tales you’ve ever heard. But to do it, we need your participation!

Tell us a story about your worst networking experiences. A new job you wish you could have walked out of before it began? A rat’s nest of wires with no end in sight? A network that just “didn’t work?” How did it feel, and what did you do?

Feel free to reply here with your story, or email it to us! Text, audio, and video are all fine, the more detail the better!

But wait, there’s more!

After you send us your network nightmare, we’ll ask you to pop over to TrustRadius and tell us how Auvik helped solve one of your network nightmares, and we’ll “treat” you to a limited edition Auvik “Nightmare Busters” t-shirt! No tricks, we promise!

Auvik halloween t-shirts

Don’t dawdle with your submissions. This invitation turns back into a pumpkin October 15th!!!

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