It’s the last week of summer — time to indulge in a final few BBQ feasts. And what better way to top off a backyard bash than with a scrumptious cake?

And if you love all things network as much as we do here at Auvik, you’re going to love these 11 nerdy confections. Yum!

  1. WatchGuard firewall cake
  2. Watchguard firewall cake network cakes

    Credit: The Olsons

  3. Network engineer router cake
  4. Brocade switch cake
  5. Brocade switch cake network cakes

    Credit: Deelicious

  6. Cisco hardware engineer cake
  7. Motherboard cake
  8. motherboard cake network cakes

    Source: Chrissis Cakeson Pinterest

  9. Fluke multimeter cake
  10. Fluke multimeter cake network cakes

    Credit: Damaris Garcia on Pinterest

  11. Ubiquiti wireless cake
  12. Ubiquiti wireless cake network cakes

    Credit: WiFi Canarias on Twitter

  13. Linksys router cake
  14. Binary code computer engineer cake
  15. binary code engineer cake network cakes

    Credit: Cake Central

  16. Cisco switch birthday cake
  17. Cisco switch cake network cakes

    Happy birthday, Will! / Credit: Oznetnerd

  18. Fortinet firewall cake
  19. Fortinet Fortigate firewall cake network cakes

    Credit: La Mora Azul on Pinterest

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