We’re excited to announce the launch of the all-new idea portal. A place where great ideas can grow, build support, and help shape the future of Auvik. The idea portal allows us to collect your suggestions while keeping you informed of what we’re working on, and what we’re planning to implement next. We can’t wait for your input!

What’s the idea portal?

Simply put, the Auvik idea portal is your chance to share ideas with the Auvik product team, request new features, and vote on the ideas you really like. While we can’t guarantee that every idea will be implemented, we can guarantee transparency around the status of your idea.

There’s a specific Auvik product manager assigned to every category. This person is responsible for making sure every submission in their category is reviewed in a timely manner and assigned a status, which is then reflected in the portal. That way, every submission gets a response from us.

How to access the portal

Getting in is easy. The idea portal is live and available to every Auvik subscriber through your Auvik credentials. To access the login page, you can:

  • Click the Idea Portal link under Resource Center on the left menu inside the Auvik product
Click Resource Center to access Idea Portal

How to use the idea portal

Once you’re in, there are several ways you can participate:

Add a new idea

Fresh perspectives and great ideas are always welcome. Just click Add a new idea. Good submissions explain why the new idea has value to you (and other users), and can even provide an example of a time it would have come in handy. Be sure to do a quick search to see if your idea hasn’t already been submitted.

Vote on ideas you like

Browse the big list of ideas already in the portal, or dive into any one of 15 separate categories and cast your vote for the requests you’d like to see happen. Vote on as many as you like, but just one vote per submission.

Follow ideas to get updates

Ideas you support send notifications when they’re updated. Each idea you vote for will be followed automatically, and you can see which ideas you’re currently following in the My votes link from the left nav.

The Auvik team is excited to see your feedback and to learn from you where we can better deliver. Be sure to log in today and vote, follow, and submit!

  1. Eric Burke Avatar
    Eric Burke

    I am not able to see the resource center / idea portal. Is this feature not released yet?

    1. Ryan LaFlamme Avatar

      Hi Eric,

      The resource center menu is only available at the global level on active subscriptions or trials. Currently, there is an issue where that menu is not visible to those under our channel partners. We’re fixing that right now. However, there’s a link in our Partner Portal, and you can bookmark ideas.www.auvik.com.

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