Become an Auvik Certified Professional

Turbocharge your resume and technical skillset with Auvik certification.

The network is your clients’ all-important gateway to the cloud and everything they need to function. And, since they hired an MSP, they expect the network to just work—kind of like electricity, silently functioning in the background.

Auvik helps you keep clients up and running. But to work optimally, the software requires knowledgeable users, and MSPs need technicians they can trust to take responsibility for clients’ connections.

By becoming an Auvik Certified Professional (ACP), that trusted technician can be you.

Why get Auvik certified?

With Auvik certification you’ll gain:

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Differentiation as a job candidate. As clients rely more and more on the network, the skills to effectively manage those networks will stand out.
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The ability to efficiently, productively, and profitably manage networks so you—and your MSP—can save time and money.
Knowledge icon
Knowledge, tips, and tricks that will help you improve processes at your current MSP so you can get ahead.
Certification badge icon
The chance to formalize your Auvik network management skills. Get a badge to verify your proficiency and cement your value.

Who can become Auvik certified?

Since Auvik’s certification program complements training—and requires access to the software—registration is only open to staff from Auvik partner MSPs.

If you’re interested in learning how Auvik could enhance your MSP’s software toolkit, please request a free trial.

What does it cost to become an ACP?

The certification exam is completely free.

Auvik polar bear mascot Nanook, teaching

How do I prepare for the certification exam?

You can study for certification by completing the training modules found in Auvik’s partner portal.

How do I register for Auvik certification?

When you log into the Auvik training portal, click on the Quizzes & Certifications tile to register for your exam.

What happens if I fail the exam?

Once you make three unsuccessful attempts, you’re locked out of the certification exam for a month. After that, you can try again.

What happens if I close my browser or switch pages during the exam?

You can’t leave and then resume a certification attempt. Leaving or closing the exam page will be considered a fail.

What will I receive to show that I’m certified?

Once you pass the exam, you’ll be able to prove your Auvik proficiency with:

  • A digital certificate confirming you’ve passed the ACP certification requirements,
  • A spiffy digital ACP badge through LinkedIn that can be added to your personal profile, and
  • Another spiffy ACP badge that can be downloaded and added to your website, blog, or email signature.

How long is the certification valid?

Those who successfully earn their Auvik certification will be required to renew it every three years to ensure they’re trained on new features.

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