Saaslio Boardgent FAQs


Who is Saaslio? What do they do?

The Saaslio team has developed a next-generation SaaS application discovery and management platform. Despite only being formed in 2020, Saaslio has led the way in creating a solution that helps provide SaaS insights and analytical data for MSPs to help manage their clients’ SaaS ecosystems. Saaslio’s software helps IT pros better serve their end-users in the new world of distributed work.

Who is Boardgent? What do they do?

Boardgent has created a unique solution designed to help IT pros remotely support end-users and their devices. The Boardgent team are experts in remote device management. Throughout their history, Boardgent has led the way in creating solutions that help IT departments provide support to end users in a distributed workforce. In the new world of distributed work, Boardgent’s software plays a critical role in helping organizations manage, maintain and secure laptops and desktops.


Why did Auvik acquire Saaslio and Boardgent? Will Saaslio and Boardgent be integrated into Auvik and when?

Auvik has an ambitious and aggressive roadmap to focus on monitoring and managing the new definition of the network, extending to every user, everywhere – ensuring that work happens no matter where they choose to work.

Through the acquisition of Saaslio, our team continues to strengthen by bringing their strong SaaS application discovery and management experience. Saaslio will help provide more in-depth SaaS application insights and data to the Auvik product. Auvik is aware of Saaslio’s strong presence in the MSP community, and is committed to continue delivering the product experience and thought leadership that Saaslio followers are familiar with. The MSP community will continue to remain of paramount importance.

Additionally, with the acquisition of Boardgent — we are excited to bring their remote device management expertise to the Auvik team. Combined, Saaslio, Boardgent and MetaGeek will strengthen Auvik’s offering and help IT pros easily identify, understand and resolve issues faced by end-users to work effectively in this new distributed world, on the diverse networks they connect to.

We look forward to communicating product improvements in this space in 2023.


Is there anything changing with how Saaslio and Boardgent’s products are sold?

Current and new Saaslio customers can continue to purchase their cloud-based SaaS solution through Current Boardgent customers can reach out via [email protected] for any product related questions.