Free Trial Terms

The Auvik Subscription Services Agreement here and Subscription Services Agreement (MSP) posted here (collectively, agreement) specify terms applicable to use of the Auvik service, and include some terms applicable to use on a free trial basis. Capitalized terms used and not otherwise defined here will have the meanings given to them in the agreement.

By signing up for a free trial of the monitoring and management web-based software service identified on the trial registration web page (Service), you confirm that you are a Customer or MSP as defined in the agreement. References below to Customer include the Customer or MSP described in the agreement. 

These free trial terms supplement the agreement and apply to the free trial sign up of an Auvik or Auvik Affiliate Service. They form part of the agreement with Auvik and are legally binding.

Local Software

The software (collector, agent, extension or similar local software) provided by Auvik as part of the Service (Local Software) is licensed to Customer as follows: Auvik grants Customer a non-exclusive, non-transferable license during the term of an order, to use and copy such software within the Managed Environment in accordance with its technical documentation, solely in connection with the Service.

Access to Managed Environment

In order to use the Service, Customer must download and install the Local Software, as applicable, to Customer’s internal network environment, any external network managed by Customer, and any managed device or application (Managed Environment). As part of the use of the Local Software, Customer authorizes (i) remote communication between the Service and the Managed Environment; (ii) the Service to scan and evaluate the Managed Environment; (iii) the Service to monitor, manage and facilitate Customer-approved changes to the Managed Environment; and (iv) the transfer of collected data to the Service, and represents and warrants to Auvik that it has all rights necessary to grant such authorization. Customer is solely responsible for configuring its Managed Environment for adequate security and protection. Customer is responsible for applying independent business judgment with respect to use of the Service and any decisions from the use of the Service.

Free trial version

If you register for a free trial of a Service, you may access the Service for the specified trial period (unless extended by Auvik in writing or electronically). The Service is provided ‘AS IS’, with no warranty during this time period. The Service may not be covered by all levels of Support and all data storage regions as outlined in the agreement. All Customer Data processed by the Service will be deleted after the trial period, unless Customer converts its account to a paid Service.

Notice and consent for Auvik SaaS Management Service (ASM Service)

The purpose of the ASM Service is to provide the IT department visibility into the types of applications that their customers and users are using in the Managed Environment. Customer is solely responsible for providing any necessary notices to its customers and users and obtaining any legally required consents from its customers and users regarding the use of the Service.

Selection of Data Storage Region

  • While Auvik has its headquarters in Canada, each Customer selects the region where the Customer Data will be stored. More information is located at (and for the ASM Service, different data storage terms apply and are described at this link): Auvik Regions article.
    • Auvik will not change the country in which the Customer Data is stored (except with the permission of Customer, where necessary as part of Auvik’s business continuity or disaster recovery plan, and as allowed by law or legal process).

[Effective January 24, 2023]