Uncover, manage, and secure your SaaS ecosystem

Mitigate risk and get full visibility with Auvik SaaS Management

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Reduce IT headaches and save time with automated SaaS discovery, documentation, monitoring, and more. SaaS management is simpler with Auvik’s easy-to-use software.

Visualize applications on the network

Stop wasting hours trying to uncover applications used across a network and leverage a single dashboard to manage them all no matter where your users work.​

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Reduce SaaS costs

Make informed decisions about the applications that are essential to business processes and eliminate all waste.​

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Be more efficient

Automatically create a list of authorized and high-risk applications being used across your organization.

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Secure your environment

Track all of the applications on your network and protect your data from unnecessary breaches and theft.​

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Auvik SaaS Management can provide visibility into 60,000+ SaaS applications

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Better SaaS management starts with Auvik