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You want to support your clients better. SaaS Management can help you do that. But as a brand new offering, what’s the best way to get started?

We’ve interviewed and worked with MSPs just like you to assess the most successful levers for winning and retaining more business, reducing costs, and drastically improving both security and operational efficiency with a SaaS management solution.

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Auvik SaaS Management Discovery Outcome Report

Stop asking them WHAT they’re using. Show them—then ask them WHY.

It all starts with client onboarding: Auvik SaaS Management helps you automatically discover all SaaS in use, generate a detailed Discovery Outcomes Report, and unlock strategic conversations with clients from day 1.

Auvik SaaS Management Quarterly Business Report

Use the SaaS Health Score to quantify, benchmark, and address risks at every QBR.

Unlock massive revenue opportunities through projects that address the most critical factors affecting their score and their ability to meet industry-standard compliance requirements. Use the Quarterly Business Report to drive these discussions.

Auvik SaaS Management Offboard Report

Conduct employee onboarding and offboarding accurately in just a few clicks.

Know everything a past user or role type had access to with an Employee Offboard Report & Checklist—no interviews required. Just clear lines of demarcation between you and your clients, countless hours saved, and smooth transitions with far less risk.

cover - how Brightworks group uses Auvik SaaS Management

Win over clients and their CFOs by putting an end to wasted IT spend.

Join the ranks of leading MSPs like Brightworks Group who have transformed their—and their clients’—cost control strategies by showing them exactly where they’re overspending and buying more licenses than necessary so they can rightsize subscriptions.

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Auvik SaaS Management can provide visibility into 125,000+ business applications.


“Auvik SaaS Management is part of a bundled solution we offer to all our customers. We primarily use it for two things: shadow IT monitoring and SaaS license management. We also use it for SaaS compliance, i.e., to ensure people aren’t using tools they shouldn’t be using.”

Chief Executive Officer