Auvik’s Solution Exceeds Competition According to Report from Tolly

Tolly Group Ranks Auvik at the Top in Simplicity and Efficiency when Reviewing Multiple Leading Network Monitoring and Management Solutions

WATERLOO, ON, July 26, 2022 — Tolly Group, a leading global provider of testing, and third-party validation and certification services, today released a comparison test demonstrating Auvik’s network monitoring and management solution compared to three other industry-recognized competitors. Auvik, an award-winning provider of cloud-based network management software, was found to deliver the fastest mean-time-to-value with installation and deployment; the easiest, most intuitive interface; and the most comprehensive breakdown of network infrastructure device details for network administrators.

“You don’t always need a calculator to demonstrate TCO and ROI. Auvik’s well-designed, intuitive interface allows network admins to jump right in without training — there is essentially no learning curve,” said Kevin Tolly, founder of Tolly Group. “Its simple, rich functionality and effortless discovery improve TCO and ROI by reducing effort and allowing admins to solve problems more quickly.”

Auvik’s solution clocks in with a six-minute install, and at less than one hour from starting installation to full network management. Auvik’s network management software was the only solution tested that provided a comparable, dynamically-generated topology map without user input.

“Our network monitoring and management solution was designed from the start to be quick, efficient, and easy-to-use, ” said Alex Hoff, co-founder and chief product officer, Auvik. “We prioritized visibility of insights for IT improvements, making sure they were simple and straightforward. Doing so helps IT professionals elevate the business processes they manage — such as ensuring network uptime and remote connection continuity — which in turn can produce significant ROI.”

Its simple out-of-the-box set up allows customers to quickly earn a return on investment. Mike Hurt, director of operations of Dymin Systems, a managed IT and service provider, has deployed Auvik to clients and reaped measurable efficiency and cost benefits.

“Implementing Auvik has allowed us to capture $4,500 in monthly recurring revenue that was being left on the table,” said Hurt. “Auvik accurately automates the detection and identification of our clients’ network devices, enabling us to bill for the management of those devices — which our existing tools did not have the capacity to do. Additionally, Auvik has enabled our technical team to drastically reduce the amount of administrative overhead required to effectively monitor and manage network devices across all of our customers’ unique networks.”

Jeff Davis, Director of IT at Standard School District and his team recently implemented Auvik’s network solutions for the entire school district in under an hour.

“My team had tried a few open-source tools before we turned to Auvik, but they were very configuration heavy and took up a lot of senior-level staff’s time,” said Davis. “Auvik’s configuration has helped us streamline our business operations and opened my team up to invest time in larger projects. It took just a few days to get a return on value for the entire implementation.”

According to Tolly Group, the simplicity and efficiency of Auvik’s services don’t end after installation. When using Auvik, network administrators are able to drill-down and look at devices and infrastructure in a logical group using its hierarchical listing of subnets through its inventory screen – just a single click away at all times.

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