Auvik Networks Secures Funding

Waterloo, ON – May 14, 2013 – Auvik Networks Inc. has secured a $6 million first round from Celtic House Venture Partners, Rho Canada Ventures, BDC Venture Capital IT Fund and its founders. The company’s founders include industry veterans Marc Morin (ex-Founder/CTO of both PixStream and Sandvine), David Yach (ex-CTO Software RIM, VP Sybase) and Alex Hoff (Product Manager, Sandvine). The funding will allow the company to accelerate the development and initial commercialization of its cloud managed network automation platform.

Auvik’s software brings a new level of simplicity and automation to what today is a complex and tedious function that can require a significant level of network expertise. The core technology is a proprietary compiler that constructs network configurations from abstract business requirements. This allows IT to approach networking very differently, focusing on supporting business goals rather than worrying about network configuration. The platform enables anyone in IT to easily configure, monitor and manage network devices and applications. Small and medium sized businesses, and smaller enterprises will benefit from best practices that are automatically implemented by the platform, resulting in a more reliable, secure and agile network, without the need to add in house expertise.

“We believe networks and related applications shouldn’t be complicated to configure, monitor and manage”, says co-founder CEO Marc Morin, “They should just work.” Auvik’s platform will not only address the networks and devices of today, but will allow companies to take full advantage of networks of the future. “Software Defined Networking (SDN) will usher in a renaissance for the networking world. We embrace this way of thinking, which shifts the focus from hardware to software, unlocking the latent capability in networking hardware and spurring new and innovative applications. Our cloud managed network automation platform brings many of the advantages of SDN to your existing network.”