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Auvik Networks Expands Windows Monitoring & Management in Latest Software Release

WATERLOO, ON April 30, 2015 — Network administrators can now see and troubleshoot any Windows device on their network directly from the web-based Auvik dashboard. With Auvik’s latest software release, the company’s network management system features full remote desktop management for Windows machines.

“Network administrators now have another major piece of the toolkit for making their lives easier,” said Alex Hoff, Auvik’s VP of Product Development.

“They might be supporting users across a number of different locations. Or maybe they’re troubleshooting from home on an after-hours call. Whatever the situation, they can now log into Auvik through any web browser to have everything they need to do their job remotely.”

Auvik uses Windows Remote Management (WinRM), Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), and Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to enable inventory, performance monitoring, alerting, and desktop management of Windows devices from a remote location.

Auvik has also launched support for Virtual Network Computing (VNC) to enable similar remote monitoring and management features for Mac and Linux computers.

The new remote management features add to Auvik’s already-available terminal feature, which allows users to remotely manage any SSH- or Telnet-enabled device by popping open a terminal window inside Auvik.

In addition to remote management, Auvik’s software provides a full set of simple yet powerful features that help network administrators at small and mid-sized businesses to map, monitor, and troubleshoot their networks.

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