Auvik Idea Portal FAQ

How to use the Auvik idea portal

How to log in

The Auvik Idea portal is open to all current Auvik subscribers.

To access the login page, you can:

  • Click on the link in the resource center inside the Auvik product
  • Click on the link inside the Auvik partner portal
  • Bookmark this page.

The portal uses your Auvik credentials to authenticate you. If you’re already logged into Auvik or the partner portal, you’ll be automatically sent into the idea portal when clicking on the link.

How to participate

Add a new idea

Want to help make Auvik awesome with your fresh perspective? To add your thoughts, start by clicking add a new idea. Then tell us what your idea is. The best submissions also explain why the new idea would be valuable to you. One way to do this is to provide an example of a time when this idea (if it were implemented) would have come in handy.Before adding a new idea, we recommend you first search the portal to see if someone’s already submitted it.

Vote on ideas you like

In the portal, you can see what others have put forward as ideas for Auvik and vote for the ones you like and want the most. You may cast one vote per idea but are able to vote on as many different ideas as you like.

Follow ideas to get updates

You’re automatically set to follow any idea you submit or vote on. You can also follow any other ideas you’re interested in. When you’re following an idea, you’ll receive an email anytime the idea is updated. If you want to see all of the ideas you’re following, select Ideas I’m following from the left nav.

What to expect from the Auvik idea portal

The Auvik idea portal is your chance to share ideas with the Auvik product team, request new features, and vote on the ideas you really like. We welcome your input!

Naturally, we can’t guarantee that every idea will be implemented. But we can guarantee transparency around the status of your idea.

There’s a specific Auvik product manager assigned to every feature category. You can filter by a category or see the list of categories on the left side of the idea portal. This person is responsible for making sure every submission in their category is reviewed in a timely manner and assigned a status, which is then reflected in the portal.

The Auvik team may merge ideas that are the same or largely similar into a single request.

These are the idea statuses you may see and what they mean:

  • Pending Auvik review: Under initial review by the product manager. Once the review is complete, the idea will be updated with one of the statuses below.
  • Waiting for more information: To make a decision on the idea, the product manager has requested clarification or more info from the idea submitter or an Auvik team member and is waiting for that info to come back.
  • Already exists: This feature already exists in Auvik. The idea is closed.
  • Alternate solution exists: This feature doesn’t exist in Auvik but there’s a workaround or other solution that will largely address the request so the idea won’t be developed. The idea is closed.
  • May implement in future: The feature is under consideration by the Auvik product team and may be incorporated into future roadmaps—or it may not. There are two possible paths from this status: Won’t implement or Planned.
  • Won’t implement: The product team has decided not to implement this feature. The idea is closed.
  • Planned: This feature is confirmed on the roadmap and is currently in development or scheduled for development.
  • Shipped: The feature is now live and available in Auvik. The idea is closed.