There are hundreds of network hardware vendors competing for market share on today’s managed networks. While some vendors lead the pack, there’s more fragmentation than ever in each device category. The 2019 Managing Network Vendor Diversity report revealed a number of evolving industry trends:

  • There are fewer traditional routers than ever on MSP-managed networks because SD-WAN is rendering them obsolete.
  • The switch market is the most fragmented because stagnant switch technology has leveled the playing field.
  • Access points have overtaken switches as the most popular network device on client sites because of growing businesses demand for wireless connectivity.

How will these trends affect your MSP business in the year ahead?

In this one-hour webinar, channel consultant Erick Simpson, ChannelPro reporter Rich Freeman, Auvik CPO Alex Hoff, and two MSP execs discuss what the crowded network hardware market means for MSPs and the channel.