Here’s a sneak peek at what they cover:

  • The different hats Beau wears and how each affects his decision in selecting a product
  • How their experience was using a competitive product
  • The considerations weighed when evaluating a new solution – to build or to buy
  • Why Vector Choice decided to return to Auvik
  • Forward-looking with Auvik and the next steps for Vector Choice

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It’s sound business practice to continuously optimize your operations, minimize costs, and re-evaluate your tools and resources to ensure that your IT teams and technical staff are efficient and effective at their work. During volatile market conditions, or when there’s a change in the competitive landscape, the focus on profit and productivity becomes even more critical.

But what happens when the decision to discontinue using a solution happens to be the same reason why you go back to using it again? Join Beau Dickie, Chief Security Officer at Vector Choice, discuss his company’s journey on deciding to move away from Auvik and then ultimately coming back – based on price!


Beau Dickie, Chief Security Officer, Vector Choice Technology Solutions Corp.

Beau Dickie

Chief Security Officer, Vector Choice Technology Solutions Corp.

Beau leverages his 20 years in security, operations, law enforcement, and incident response to protect organizations while enabling their critical business functions. Beau’s extensive knowledge of physical security, cybercrime investigations, and vulnerability assessments lead to him being asked to serve as a subject matter expert in both courts of law and board rooms across the Southeast. Vector Choice is leveraging Beau’s demonstrated success in understanding cyber security risks to offer our clients enterprise-level security solutions scaled for SMB budgets and staff.

Beau has spent the last 7 years developing and managing security strategies for MSPs, aligning these strategies with business continuity and compliance frameworks. When Beau is not working to audit and secure client environments, he is participating in capture the flag and bug bounty events or spending time with his wonderful wife and child.

Glenn Gray, Director, Product Marketing, Auvik

Glenn Gray

Product Marketing, Auvik

Glenn Gray is a former IT practitioner, Help Desk leader, and MSP vCIO. He transitioned to Product Management & Marketing roles after an MBA focused on IT management. Throughout his experience as a former IT practitioner coupled with more than 10 years of experience in IT management software, Glenn has developed a unique perspective on how ITOps organizations can achieve business goals and unlock efficiencies.