Network infrastructure is a critical layer within any organization’s IT. You can expand on your current service offerings and generate more revenue by offering “asset lifecycle management”: managing your client’s network hardware across it’s entire period of use. From purchase to upgrades to patching, hardware will eventually become old, outdated, and in need of repair or replacement. So how do you protect your clients’ IT investments, minimize any operational downtime, and shield your techs from unexpected labor, all while adding to your own bottom line?

Consider adding extended warranties as part of your offerings.

Join Auvik and Warranty Master (now ScalePad) for this free one-hour webinar. In this moderated discussion, Mike Byrne, VP Channels, and Adrian Macartney, Product Manager at Warranty Master, chat with Ray Patel, Product Manager at Auvik Networks, to offer their take on how MSPs can position management as a risk-mitigating service.

You’ll learn:

  • The current challenges
  • Mastering asset lifecycle management, including options for overcoming challenges
  • The most common pitfalls MSPs make while managing network gear
  • How to build asset lifecycle management into your SLAs and account management process
  • Warranty Master and Auvik integration

Watch the webinar: