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We are keeping the event to just 150 seats so you’ll want to grab your spot soon to make sure we don’t sell out.

Our opening keynote speaker is Mike Michalowicz, bestselling author of books like Profit First, The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, and The Pumpkin Plan. Mike used to be an MSP himself so we invited him to come talk to us about quickly making your MSP profitable by flipping how you look at your finances upside-down.

We’ve also got MSP Josh Weiss lined up to speak. Regular listeners of Frankly MSP will know Josh from episode 12 and episode 20. Fun fact — Josh is also a professional DJ so he’s going to be mixing beats for us at the Frankly MSP Live Vision party.

Do you dare swim like a bear? Frankly MSP Live will feature a polar bear swim in the Pacific Ocean in January. It’s California so there won’t be ice in the water but we’ve been doing some research and it looks like the water temperature for the time of year is between 52 and 60 degrees F (10 – 16 degrees Celsius). Take the plunge and you’ll get a Polar Plunge t-shirt, a custom towel—and full bragging rights.

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On with the show!

My guest today is Tobin Lehman, president of New North, a marketing agency that specializes in working with MSPs and other technical businesses. We’re talking all things website—what makes a website effective, where to focus your efforts if you want the biggest ROI for your buck, whether stock photography is a smart idea, and a whole lot more.

But first, of course, our 1 Thing segment, where we hear from an MSP about 1 thing that’s made a difference in their business. Today we have Daniel Abdallah of the Brookfield Group.

1 Thing (#MSP1T)

[02:54] Daniel Abdallah is the CTO and Lead Change Officer for the Brookfield Group.

[03:06] Brookfield’s 1 Thing is using the mindset of people, technology, and process.
It’s helping them land and expand client accounts.

[03:26] They’re defining processes and consolidating the technologies they use. This is helping to expedite growth and provide better solutions to their customers.

[03:49] Their 2019 initiative is to really show customers the power of people, technology, and process.

What’s your 1 Thing? What idea, strategy, tool, book, process, thing made a real difference to your MSP career or business. Put another way, let’s say a new MSP walked up to you at conference and said, “I’m just getting started in this space. What advice can you give me? What’s worked for you?” and you can only tell them 1 thing. What would that 1 thing be?

Tell us in a voice memo and email the recording to [email protected]. Not only could you be podcast-famous by being featured on the show, I’ll also send you a Frankly MSP t-shirt. They’re pretty cool and I want to give them away!

Interview with Tobin Lehman – How to Bring in Leads With Your MSP Website

Tobin Lehman, New North MSP marketing websites
Tobin Lehman, New North

[05:26] A great website brings out what it is you actually do. A common problem with MSP websites is a lack of clear messaging.

[06:20] Ask yourself if you’re messaging clearly defines what you do in a way your customer can understand in less than 15 seconds.

[07:14] What are you going to win on? Draw out what makes your company unique.

[07:40] Good websites have clear service pages and a lot of good content.

[08:18] Use your About Us page to explain your character and story.

[09:08] Create and articulate a value so you don’t compete on price.

[10:42] Clients are a great source for uncovering your value points for your website.

[11:04] Humanize your message and make it relatable. These principles also apply to the visual aspect of your website.

[12:41] If you don’t have the budget for your own photography, you can use stock photos. The challenge is to make them look like they aren’t stock photos. Find things that makes sense and invest in better quality stock for prominent pages.

[14:40] As a ballpark, a budget of $20,000 would get you a good 20-page website with content, website, photos, and maybe video.

[15:54] The website should be the core of lead generation. Customers want to know if your company is a match. Landing pages can be contact pages or offers.

[16:41] Have landing pages with calls to action or places to convert people. Collect the leads early. The company that provides the most information the soonest gets the most reach.

[18:26] Let your sales team lead the way on social media. Make sure your search engine optimization (SEO) is strong.

[19:56] The first thing to look at to improve an existing website is a conversion optimization audit. Track users and look at the bottom of the funnel and work up. Do your forms work? You’d be surprised how many MSPs have contact forms that don’t work.

[21:48] If you want to see how your website stacks up, do a Google search of MSPs in your area and see where you rank.

[22:03] Make sure you get local traffic in your business area.

[22:23] Once people click through, have a great story of who you serve and make sure your services are clear.

[22:54] Make sure there are plenty of places for people to reach out to you.


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