Today we’re going to talk about something called EOS: the Entrepreneurial Operating System. My guest is Mike Paton, the visionary for EOS Worldwide. I say visionary because it’s a formal role in the EOS system, and it means he’s senior leadership. Mike is also the co-author of Get a Grip, which is a follow-up to the original EOS book called Traction.

On a side note, I used to co-own a publishing consultancy that helped authors self-publish books about their area of expertise. One of the first books we ever worked on was Traction.

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What’s Going On

[02:54] CNN Travel featured an interesting story about VR theme parks in Japan.

[03:19] They’re using HTC Vives and Oculus Rifts to offer a full VR experience.

[03:50] At the North East Immersive Labs they have a hub that demonstrates all of the new augmented technology.

[04:19] There were also interesting business cases including a virtual art gallery.

[05:01] People were purchasing art and it was impressive.

[05:37] VR seems like a gimmick until you try it with some of the better equipment.

[06:01] VR drones where it looks like you’re in the drone flying.

[07:09] How long before they do away with the headsets as thing evolve.

[08:02] VR, AI, and AR are going to leap into the business world. It wasn’t that long ago that video calling was thought of as a gimmick.

[08:40] Getting augmented reality to enhance tech support.

[09:14] We are already seeing remote surgeries and VR.

[09:34] The BBC has launched an interactive story called The Inspection Chamber.

[10:06] It’s amazing that something can analyze your voice and pick out the funniest thing you’ve said.

[10:40] It’s like a Choose Your Own Adventure story for the 21st century.

[11:42] This may be a fun gimmick, but it will have business implications in the future.

Interview: Getting a Grip on Your Business

Mike Paton, EOS Worldwide
Mike Paton, EOS Worldwide

[14:27] I’m talking to Mike Paton and we’re talking about getting MSPs unstuck so they love their work again.

[14:49] Paton and Gino Wickman have co-authored Get a Grip as a follow-up book to Traction.

[15:18] EOS or the Entrepreneurial Operating System is a set of simple practical tools to help entrepreneurs get more out of their business.

[15:47] Patons says you can’t run a great business on multiple operating systems. You have to choose one.

[16:12] They help people get better at vision, traction, and being healthy and cohesive.

[16:52] Business owners often get stuck.

[17:20] They work with the management team to get unstuck by working with the six components of business.

[17:57] Quick gains can increase confidence.

[19:08] IT service providers that are ideal for EOS are growth-oriented, open-minded… and a little stuck.

[19:46] Get a Grip was written about an IT service provider.

[20:34] Paton’s goal is to increase the value of the business and help the owner regain control of running the business.

[21:27] Six components of a business: vision, people, data, issues, process, and traction. All need to be strengthened.

[22:48] 82% of clients report their biggest source of frustration is people, but the focus needs to be on all six.

[23:52] Defining what a great person is for a certain organization.

[24:48] First steps to implementing EOS can be found on the EOS Worldwide website. There are also local EOS implementers that MSPs can connect with.

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