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Amanda Weber

Today we’re going to… take a deep breath… and have a chat about meditation.

Ex-techie now meditation consultant Amanda Weber drops by to share how mindfulness can ramp up your team’s intelligence and productivity. You can literally boost IQ with meditation.

But before we get to my conversation with Amanda, Karl Palachuk and Richard Tubb take a look at what’s happening in the world and how it affects MSPs.

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What’s Going On

[04:01] MSP friendly networking equipment was announced at DattoCon London.

[05:36] There’s hasn’t been a lot between high-end enterprise gear and cheap and cheerful consumer-grade networking gear. Datto’s networking devices should help address that gap.

[06:18] Datto devices are cloud managed and deployed.

[06:34] Karl thinks someone needed to come out with this equipment but belives Datto is an odd choice.

[07:06] Pricing will be key to Datto’s success.

[07:20] Karl brings up a story where AI developers are getting huge salaries.

[08:01] These developers are being paid like athletes. The scramble for AI is growing quickly.

[08:33] How any technology can be mastered in five years.

[09:04] An AI expert left Google with $120 million in salary and bonuses before going to Uber.

[10:08] MSPs will see the benefit of AI in security, including face recognition. That will be something MSPs will sell to their clients.

[11:23] Understanding and selling AI to clients.

Interview: Boost Your Productivity With Meditation

[13:40] Some of the benefits employees can get from daily mindfulness include higher IQ, better problem solving, higher productivity, less stress, fewer sick days, lower healthcare costs, and more happiness!

[14:06] Meditation is a practice of bringing your attention to a single point of focus. Mindfulness is an act of being focused throughout your day.

[15:18] Both are about being in the present moment.

[15:36] It’s no shock that stress is at epidemic levels and meditation helps provide release and builds resilience towards stress.

[16:24] Amanda has had a daily meditation practice for over 10 years. Independent research is confirming what the meditation community has been reporting.

[17:04] Science shows meditation delivers physiological benefits and emotional wellness. People react to stressful situations better.

[18:06] Benefits for employers can be a ripple effect for good as employees better cope with stress.

[18:42] The fight or flight stress response doesn’t cultivate team thinking.

[19:30] If you position meditation as an antidote for stress, employees will flock to it.

[20:28] Being in a relaxation state doesn’t mean lying on the couch. It means not having the stress response engaged.

[21:15] Higher IQ, creative problem-solving, true team work come from not being in the stress response.

[22:10] Meditation benefits accrue over time. Benefits from 5 to 10 minutes a day can accrue quite quickly. Showing up and training your brain to be in the present moment.

[23:37] Engaging and talking with employees can help you see the results of the meditation and how it’s working.

What’s Going On

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