It’s summmmmmmerrrrrr! What better time to round up the best tech geek t-shirts for your wearing enjoyment.

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  • I am NOT a geek. Well…

Binary code on the front spells out “I am not a geek.”


  • Bit happens.

It surely does. See also: Rule #4 of the Auvik Way.

Bit happens tech geek t-shirt

Source: Spreadshirt


  • Change your password.

Good advice for everyone you meet.

change your password geek techie t-shirt

Source: ThinkGeek


  • Networking for dummies

It’s magic. All magic.

networking for dummies it's magic t-shirt

Source: Spreadshirt


  • Mac bomb

Put up your hand if you remember seeing this a time or two.

retro Mac bomb icon t-shirt

Source: Insanely Great Tees


  • NO.

For those days when even that triple espresso doesn’t help.

NO t-shirt geek techie

Source: AliExpress


  • F*** tracer*te

Tee hee. Sadly, not available for purchase.

F*** traceroute tracer*ute tshirt

Source: ThousandEyes


  • Precision guesswork


precision guesswork IT network troubleshooting tshirt

Source: Teespring


  • Coffee power

Warning: low power. Refill required.

low power coffee refill required tshirt

Source: Amazon


  • Cool robot

Because how can you have a list of awesome geek t-shirts without at least one robot?

cool robot retro futurism tshirt

Source: Insanely Great Tees


  • Hands off my sister

Game of Star Throne Wars

stars wars game of thrones hands off my sister t-shirt

Source: HiveTees


  • Building on awesomeness here

LEGO! That’s what we’re talking about, right?

Building on awesomeness Lego nerd t-shirt

Source: Redbubble

  • Skeptical Tux is skeptical

Whatchoo talkin’ bout, Willis?

Linux Tux tech geek tshirt

Source: Spreadshirt


  • Mine.

I used to be over by the window and I could see the squirrels.

ThinkGeek Swingline stapler Office Space t-shirt

Source: ThinkGeek


  • One does not simply Telnet into Mordor

SSH maybe?

One does nto simply Telnet into Mordor geek tshirt

Source: ThinkGeek


  • Have you tried…

No, seriously. Have you tried it?

have you tried turning it on and off again t-shirt

Source: Etsy


  • The IT professional wheel of answers

Yes. it’s gone forever. That’s what “empty trash” does.

IT professional wheel of answers t-shirt

Source: Zazzle


  • Pets, no. Cattle, yes.

For the virtual geeks in the crowd.


  • Napster

Gone, but not forgotten.

Napster startup retro tech t-shirt

Source: Extinct Startup Tees

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