It’s summmmmmmerrrrrr! What better time to round up the best tech geek t-shirts for your wearing enjoyment.

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  1. I am NOT a geek. Well…
  2. Binary code on the front spells out “I am not a geek.”

  3. Bit happens.
  4. It surely does. See also: Rule #4 of the Auvik Way.

    Bit happens tech geek t-shirt

    Source: Spreadshirt

  5. Change your password.
  6. Good advice for everyone you meet.

    change your password geek techie t-shirt

    Source: ThinkGeek

  7. Networking for dummies
  8. It’s magic. All magic.

    networking for dummies it's magic t-shirt

    Source: Spreadshirt

  9. Mac bomb
  10. Put up your hand if you remember seeing this a time or two.

    retro Mac bomb icon t-shirt

    Source: Insanely Great Tees

  11. NO.
  12. For those days when even that triple espresso doesn’t help.

    NO t-shirt geek techie

    Source: AliExpress

  13. F*** tracer*te
  14. Tee hee. Sadly, not available for purchase.

    F*** traceroute tracer*ute tshirt

    Source: ThousandEyes

  15. Precision guesswork
  16. Truth.

    precision guesswork IT network troubleshooting tshirt

    Source: Teespring

  17. Coffee power
  18. Warning: low power. Refill required.

    low power coffee refill required tshirt

    Source: Amazon

  19. Cool robot
  20. Because how can you have a list of awesome geek t-shirts without at least one robot?

    cool robot retro futurism tshirt

    Source: Insanely Great Tees

  21. Hands off my sister
  22. Game of Star Throne Wars

    stars wars game of thrones hands off my sister t-shirt

    Source: HiveTees

  23. Building on awesomeness here
  24. LEGO! That’s what we’re talking about, right?

    Building on awesomeness Lego nerd t-shirt

    Source: Redbubble

  25. Skeptical Tux is skeptical
  26. Whatchoo talkin’ bout, Willis?

    Linux Tux tech geek tshirt

    Source: Spreadshirt

  27. Mine.
  28. I used to be over by the window and I could see the squirrels.

    ThinkGeek Swingline stapler Office Space t-shirt

    Source: ThinkGeek

  29. One does not simply Telnet into Mordor
  30. SSH maybe?

    One does nto simply Telnet into Mordor geek tshirt

    Source: ThinkGeek

  31. Have you tried…
  32. No, seriously. Have you tried it?

    have you tried turning it on and off again t-shirt

    Source: Etsy

  33. The IT professional wheel of answers
  34. Yes. it’s gone forever. That’s what “empty trash” does.

    IT professional wheel of answers t-shirt

    Source: Zazzle

  35. Pets, no. Cattle, yes.
  36. For the virtual geeks in the crowd.

  37. Napster
  38. Gone, but not forgotten.

    Napster startup retro tech t-shirt

    Source: Extinct Startup Tees