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Auvik SaaS Management Discovery Outcome Report

Stop wondering WHAT employees are using. Map your SaaS inventory automatically and identify risks easily.

It all starts with discovery: Auvik SaaS Management helps you automatically discover all SaaS in use, generate a detailed Discovery Outcomes Report, and unlock security recommendations from day 1.

ASM Product Adoption Report

Analyze the adaption of your essential tools all in one spot and save money.

Conduct a product adoption report on any SaaS (or multiple SaaS) tools to assess your company’s adoption of the software that you have diligently implemented. Are you curious about the extent of usage of any shadow IT assessts? or perhaps you want to determine if any licenses are being underutilized? this report holds significant potential and value for your organization.

Auvik SaaS Management Offboard Report

Streamline employee onboarding and off-boarding accurately in just a few clicks.

Know everything a past user or role type had access to with an Employee Off-board Report & Checklist—no interviews required. Just clear visibility of all software being used including the account being used to access it and the internal stakeholder responsible for off-boarding. Just like that you will have countless hours saved, and smooth employee transitions with far less risks.

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Auvik SaaS Management can provide visibility into 125,000+ business applications.


“Auvik SaaS Management is part of a bundled solution we offer to all our customers. We primarily use it for two things: shadow IT monitoring and SaaS license management. We also use it for SaaS compliance, i.e., to ensure people aren’t using tools they shouldn’t be using.”

Doug Miller Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer