The network is evolving.

The future of work continues to be hybrid.

As the network expands beyond an office firewall and into what we at Auvik have termed The Last Mile of the Office Network, IT professionals, and particularly, decision makers, need to be aware of the role that network monitoring and management, as well as SaaS, Wi-Fi, and End-User Experience, play in their organizations. Now is the time to consider automating network tasks and improving network visibility, so that the workforce of the future can continue to be managed successfully by internal in-house IT and MSPs.

infographic - 2023 Network IT Management Report

Data Highlights

  • 4500 IT professionals across North America surveyed
  • 26% are IT decision makers
  • 86% support a remote workforce at least some of the time
  • 45% don’t know the full configuration of their network
  • 73% outsource some of their network-related tasks
  • 50% already work on SaaS and Wi-Fi management
  • 45% are measured on their service to End-Users
  • 61% believe a lack of time and money are restricting their ability to better serve their colleagues and clients