Discover, monitor, manage and secure SaaS apps

Eliminate Shadow IT with Auvik SaaS Management


Auvik SaaS Management helps you

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Save time

Stop wasting time onboarding new users and tracking SaaS apps manually.

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Maximize savings

Identify Shadow IT and SaaS app redundancy to cut unnecessary spending.

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Unlock visibility

Understand all SaaS apps in use and take control of your SaaS environments.

Safeguard your SaaS environment with real time alerts

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Be alerted to risky user behavior

Receive alerts when people share logins with others, sign up for new services and much more.

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Learn about vendor breaches first

Be the first to know about vendor breaches and receive recommendations to stay secure.

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Get software inventory alerts

Keep track of all SaaS applications on your network and eliminate Shadow IT as it occurs.

Visualize key information about your business

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View all apps in a single place

Monitor every desktop, cloud, and SaaS application in use alongside insights drawn from our database of 60,000+ applications.

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Monitor your SaaS Health Score

Track your SaaS health with our proprietary SaaS Health Score, and review your top ten areas for improvement in each category.

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Review security logs with ease

Quickly identify security issues and prioritize important events within your SaaS ecosystem, such as cloud vendor incidents and shared accounts.

Understand your employee SaaS app usage

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Create an accurate software inventory

Generate a user access list and review your entire software inventory including owners, purpose, lifecycle stage, and environment.

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Generate a quarterly review

Create an executive summary to share SaaS Health Score information and optimization opportunities with internal and external stakeholders.

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Simplified employee offboarding

Record the apps accessed by each employee and automatically generate an offboarding checklist for seamless transitions.