MSPs around the world are using Auvik to profitably grow their businesses

By automating time-consuming and manual network management tasks with Auvik, MSPs just like yours are boosting their productivity, efficiency, and profitability. Wondering how you can do the same? Auvik partners share their success stories in the case studies below.

Bmore IT uses Auvik to find and fix network issues fast

Bmore IT, an MSP in Gothenburg, Sweden, uses Auvik’s network monitoring and management software to help their clients stay up and running. Bmore’s network consultant Daniel Karlsson credits Auvik’s continuous documentation, complete network visibility, and ease of use with his team’s ability to find and fix network issues fast. We joined Daniel as he managed a LAN party with 1,000 concurrent gamers to capture Auvik in action.

Daniel Karlsson, Bmore IT

“Our customers need to know that we have their back at all times. And I feel that we can do that with Auvik.”

- Daniel Karlsson, Network Consultant, Bmore IT

5K Technical Services provides proactive “day zero” support with Auvik

5K Technical Services, an MSP in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, uses Auvik’s network monitoring and management software to stand out from their competition. CEO Corey Kirkendoll says his clients love the value they see from his team’s proactive network services, his engineers love how easy Auvik is to use, and his team has become more efficient with Auvik.

Corey Kirkendoll, 5K Technical Services

“We can manage from the server to the desktop all the way to the network layer… We couldn’t do that until we had Auvik.”

- Corey Kirkendoll, President & CEO, 5K Technical Services

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NoctisIT wins more clients and increases margins with Auvik

NoctisIT, a three-person MSP in Austin, Texas, uses Auvik to impress prospects with the depth and accuracy of their IT assessments. Since implementing Auvik, the company has closed 100% of its deals. What’s more, the team has significantly improved their margins because now they’ve got a comprehensive view of each client environment and the work that needs to be done—and can quote appropriately.

Jason Whitehurst, NoctisIT

“[Auvik] is an incredible piece of the knowledge framework of every customer.”

- Jason Whitehurst, Founder & vCIO, NoctisIT

ITque uses Auvik’s network insights to earn client trust

ITque, an MSP in San Jose, California, describes Auvik as a “game changer” for their business. Why? Auvik gives ITque a complete picture of a client’s network as soon it’s deployed, helps them demonstrate their experience and expertise, and enables their techs to quickly get to the bottom of network issues. Auvik even helped ITque save a manufacturing client $1 million in assembly-line downtime and grow their revenue by 65% in 2016. Read the full story.

DJ Forman, ITque

“Auvik definitely helps us secure the coveted position of trusted advisor. It allows us to diagnose network issues and offer insights where there weren’t any insights before.”

- DJ Forman, co-founder and CTO, ITque

Network Doctor discovered huge service efficiencies with Auvik

Network Doctor is an MSP in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey focused on providing a “white glove” level of service to its 80 clients. One of their main goals is to help clients maintain the highest possible amount of uptime. Their existing network monitoring tool wasn’t up to the task. Then they discovered Auvik. Read the full story.

Andrew Kropf, Network Doctor

“Since using Auvik for our onboarding process, it’s taken a lot of what was a manual process and automated it. It has cut our onboarding time by at least 75%.”

- Andrew Kropf, Infrastructure and Solutions Manager, Network Doctor

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