Hey, this is Jennifer Tribe, host of Frankly MSP, with some quick news for you.

Franky MSP is taking a summer break a little early. We’ll be paused for two months while we regroup and refocus to bring you more great content later in the year.

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I know that’s a long time to wait for new episodes, so if you’re hankering for a fix, here are some ideas to tide you over:

  1. Make sure you’re subscribed to the podcast.
  2. That way you’ll be automatically notified when we’re back.

  3. Catch up on past episodes.
  4. There are 64 past episodes of Frankly MSP to dig into and they’re all full of great MSP business-building content. Now would be a great time to catch up on episodes you missed or listen again to some of your favorites. You’ll find an archive with all the past episodes and their show notes at auvik.com/franklyit/podcast.

    Frankly MSP podcast

  5. Leave us a review.
  6. If you’re a fan of the show, now would also be a great time to leave us a review on Apple Podcasts. When you do, email me at [email protected] to let me know and tell me your t-shirt size—because I’ll send you an awesome Frankly MSP t-shirt as a gift. I may not be able to send the shirts out right away because I can’t access where they’re stored right now but as soon as we’re back in the Auvik offices again, I’ll ship those out.

  7. Browse the Frankly MSP resource center
  8. Auvik has a fantastic resource center that’s home to all the podcast episodes, of course, but also home to a blog, webinar recordings, ebooks, and more. On the blog, we’ve recently been publishing material to help you during the pandemic, such as a list of free software resources you can access right now, how to monitor VPN usage, and creative ways IT pros are helping their clients and communities. To access all that great free content, go to auvik.com and click on the resource center. You can sort by content type to see all the blog posts. You can also search and sort by topic, like network security or documentation.

  9. Sign up for webinars and virtual events.
  10. Auvik has launched a full schedule of webinars and virtual summits for the coming months where you can hear experts like you do on the podcast, as well as ask live questions and connect with fellow attendees. After our first few events, participants were telling us the content and presenters were outstanding so we’re looking forward to continuing this program throughout the summer and into the fall.

    Coming up in May: a one-hour webinar with Mike Michalowicz on how to position your business for success through this crisis and out the other side. You’ll remember Mike was my guest on episode 50 of this podcast and was also our opening keynote at Frankly MSP Live. He’s a phenomenal speaker and I know you’ll get a lot of value from the webinar we have planned.

    Also coming up in May: A 6-hour virtual summit on improving efficiency in your business. To register for either of these and to see a listing of all upcoming virtual events from Auvik, go to Auvik’s Events page.

    MSP Growth Summit virtual summit recordings

  11. Dig into summit recordings.
  12. Plus, you can dig into the recordings of any events you missed, including our epic 13-hour MSP Growth Summit from February or the recent Bigger Better Summit that focused on ways to grow your top and bottom lines.

That’s it for now. I’m going to miss you guys while we’re paused but I’ll see you soon. Wishing you health and success in the months ahead.

Ryan LaFlamme

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Ryan LaFlamme is Auvik's Senior Content Manager. Ryan has worked as an advertising and marketing professional for over 12 years, working with leading global brands in Canada and internationally. Will probably pet your dog.

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