The first ever MSP Growth Summit is coming up on Feb 27, 2020. This free virtual event is designed to help experienced MSPs take their business to new heights.

We’re bringing you 12 back-to-back sessions on optimizing your operations, refining your service offering, and finding ways to work smarter, not harder.

Here’s why you won’t want to miss it:

1. Targeted to the unique challenges of operationally mature MSPs

Getting a brand new MSP business off the ground is undeniably tough—and there are plenty of resources out there to address the types of challenges faced during this initial phase.

What people aren’t talking about as much are the struggles of taking an already successful MSP business to the next level of growth—to get more growth and more efficiency to drive more profitability.

That’s what the MSP Growth Summit is all about. Sessions will be targeted to experienced MSPs who have all the basics in place and are ready to throw some gas on the fire. If you’re hungry for smart strategies to help you get more from your existing headcount and develop new service offerings to grow revenue, this event is for you.

2. Twelve industry heavyweights in one day

The MSP Growth Summit speaker lineup is, in a word, stacked. With hundreds of years of combined experience in IT managed services, these speakers have a bird’s-eye view of where the industry is headed, as well as on-the-ground experience of what it takes to scale an MSP business.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect:

  • Natasha Boyko of ID Agent will share what she’s learned from helping hundreds of MSPs drive new recurring revenue using Dark Web data.
  • Warranty Master CEO Dan Wensley will present strategies for tapping into the revenue opportunity of end-of-life assets.
  • Stephan Tallent of Fortinet will walk you through different paths to add cybersecurity services to your business without adding more headcount.

Check out the schedule to see the full list of speakers!

3. Conference-worthy connections, from the comfort of home


This is not one of those sleepy webinars where everyone on the line has six other tabs open and your questions seem to disappear into the void.

Joining the summit is like stepping into a virtual auditorium. You can chat with fellow attendees who’ve joined the session. You can ask questions and upvote other people’s questions. You can even be (virtually) pulled up on stage for some audience participation.

The sessions will be live, and the conversations will be lively. Think of it like hopping into a room to brainstorm solutions to your toughest growth challenges with a group of really smart people, who just happen to be located all over the world.

No ticket cost, no travel time, no dress code—there’s no excuse not to dedicate a day to plan for your MSP business growth.

(And for those of you who can’t dedicate the day, rest assured you’ll also get access to all the recorded sessions to watch at your own pace too.)

Claim your free ticket for the MSP Growth Summit now.