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Auvik Roadmap Update – Oct 2018

We have a jam-packed product roadmap through the end of 2018 and beyond—and we want to give you a sneak peek. Patrick Albert, Auvik’s AVP product management, walks you through upcoming software integrations and exciting new features. You’ll also see a quick demo of Talaia, a network traffic analytics system that Auvik recently acquired and will integrate into Auvik’s network management system.

Recorded October 11, 2018

Discover, Document & Understand Your Clients

Manual tasks can be a real drag on your MSP’s productivity. That’s why Auvik and Passportal have teamed up to explain how automating 10 network monitoring and client management activities can help you save hours of your techs’ valuable (and expensive) time, simplify client onboarding, reduce the time it takes to train team members, avoid time and money leaks, and much more.

Recorded October 09, 2018

Picanomics: Unlocking Your Profitability

What if you could generate 50% more revenue with the same number of employees? In this webinar, industry leader Gary Pica and Auvik AVP of product, Patrick Albert, share both macro and micro economic principles driving the success of the top 10% of IT providers.

Recorded September 12, 2018

Zero-Trust Networks: When They Make Sense and When They Don’t

Auvik AVP of product, Patrick Albert, interviews security expert Nick Espinosa to uncover the benefits and risks of implementing a zero-trust security approach, the cost of migrating both inherited and new networks to zero-trust, and how to determine whether the transition is right for your client.

Recorded August 30, 2018

How MSPs Should Implement Technology Standards

TruMethods president Gary Pica shares a step-by-step process for building and administering technical standards across your customers’ technical environments.

Recorded July 11, 2018

Are Your Firewalls Protecting Your Customers’ Networks?

Traditional firewalls don’t provide the insight needed to know how traffic flows through today’s complex networks formed by advanced network devices. In this joint webinar with Auvik Networks and Barracuda MSP, we’ll share why a next-gen firewall is necessary for your customers, the differences between new vs. old firewall technology, and the associated network security benefits.

Recorded June 28, 2018

The SOP Advantage: How to Build a Culture of Documentation in Your MSP

Standard operating procedures—SOPs—are a well-known path to increasing efficiency in your MSP business. But documenting the many hundreds, even thousands, of things you do each week can seem daunting. Where do you start? How do you organize it? Who’s responsible? You’ll find answers in this one-hour webinar with Nigel Moore, a former MSP owner who now coaches managed service providers in his Tech Tribe community. Nigel will walk you through the framework and tools he used to successfully document more than 1,000 SOPs in his own MSP—while steering you clear of the mistakes he made along the way. Sponsored by Auvik Networks.

Recorded April 10, 2018

Visibility for Security: You Can’t Protect What You Can’t See

As an MSP, your first line of defense for clients is visibility. You need to know exactly which devices you’re protecting and how those devices are configured. You also need to know what your client’s users are doing out there in the cyber wilds. Without these insights, you’re flying blind in a crazy fast-paced world of threats and risks. In this one-hour webinar from ID Agent and Auvik Networks, we’ll demonstrate how what you don’t know can definitely hurt you, as well as how to eliminate common security blind spots.

Recorded March 27, 2018

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