City of Williamsburg Selects Auvik
to Modernize IT Infrastructure

Tourist destination is leveraging Auvik’s network monitoring solutions for improved visibility, cost and time savings

WATERLOO, ON, June 7, 2022Auvik, an award-winning provider of cloud-based network management software, today announced it has been working with the City of Williamsburg, Virginia to provide network monitoring and asset management services for automated, real-time network visibility.

Williamsburg is one of Virginia’s oldest municipalities and one of the U.S.’ most popular historical destinations, renowned for its preservation of American colonial history. In addition to the city’s year-round residents the region receives an average of 1.5 million visitors per year. Ensuring superior digital service delivery is important for this bustling city, but with limited resources, Williamsburg’s IT Department had traditionally relied on basic tools like spreadsheets to log and track configuration changes, device statuses, and details of available IT assets. With zero visibility into their networks, the team had to spend hours to find the root causes behind any network issues.

As part of the City Council’s Williamsburg of 2040 initiative, the IT Department was tasked with modernizing its infrastructure in order to better support the Williamsburg community and its vital tourism industry. Specifically, the IT team needed a solution that could automate many of its manual network management processes and provide real-time network visibility, so it could resolve issues quickly.

“Network uptime is critical since it’s tied to so many services provided by the city, such as emergency services, citizen communications, public health access, tourism and recreation, and other aspects of daily business and citizen engagement,” said Mark Barham, Director of Information Technology, City of Williamsburg. “By implementing Auvik, we’ve drastically reduced the amount of time spent on manually identifying and addressing network issues – improving network reliability and freeing our team up for more value-driven activities. Auvik has proven itself to be a life-saver many times over for us.”

Prior to its work with Auvik, the IT team relied on support tickets for any network requests or incidents. Then, they’d have to go through lines of code for multiple devices, and refer to manual documentation to resolve the issue. With Auvik, Williamsburg has automated network inventory and documentation processes, resulting in cost and time savings and more optimized IT resources. Additionally, with improved network visibility, the IT team has not only been able to speed up troubleshooting but proactively mitigate network and device issues before they become a problem, with a streamlined troubleshooting process with a set of 50 proactive alerts and in-depth visibility.

“Williamsburg may be the oldest municipality in Virginia, but the Williamsburg of today still requires a modern IT infrastructure,” said Marc Morin, CEO and co-founder, Auvik. “We’re proud to work with state and local governments like the City of Williamsburg to help achieve their digital transformation goals and deliver on the digital services citizens have come to expect in the 21st century.”

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