Maximize Efficiency and Cost Savings through SaaS Inventory Management

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Visibility and control

Application discovery
Know what applications employees are actually using to do their jobs.

Inventory management
Efficiently manage and track all your IT assets to prevent issues before they arise, enhancing overall security posture.

Usage and security logs
Easily identify which applications are used and how they are being accessed. 

Inform decisions

Detailed usage reports and insights

Make data-driven decisions with Auvik’s comprehensive usage reports and product adoption insights. Understand user engagement and application performance to tailor your SaaS strategy for maximum impact.

Comprehensive usage reports
Provide insights into SaaS application usage patterns.

Security incident reports
Highlight SaaS vendor breaches and the users impacted.

Cost analysis reports
Provide detailed breakdowns of SaaS spending and potential savings.

Compliance reports
Help demonstrate adherence to various regulatory standards.

User behavior reports
Highlight user activities, helping identify risky behaviors or misuse.

Quarterly business reports
Introduce a quarterly business review on critical areas of SaaS in use.

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Operational Efficency

Eliminate SaaS waste

Identify underutilized SaaS tools
Easily spot applications that aren’t being fully utilized to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Eliminate redundant applications
Pinpoint and remove overlapping software to streamline your SaaS portfolio and reduce costs.

Invest in valuable resources
Ensure investments are directed towards essential and highly used applications for optimal resource allocation.

Why Choose Auvik?

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 See every detail of your SaaS inventory in one place.

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Eliminate waste and focus on high-value applications.

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Informed decisions
Base your application strategies on solid data and insights.


It’s a huge time saver because everything is right there. We don’t need to go to multiple places to find licensing information and how much they use. We can tell what’s going on by pulling the reports and looking at the dashboards. It gives us a single pane of glass for managing multiple SaaS environments.

CEO, Brightworks Group