Navigate the Complex Landscape
of SaaS Compliance with Auvik.

Maintaining organizational integrity demands stringent security and compliance. A study from G2 reveals that 80% of employees use unapproved SaaS apps, exposing organizations to major cybersecurity risks.

Mitigate these threats by enhancing visibility and control over application usage.

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The first step towards comprehensive security

Application discovery
Know what applications employees are actually using to do their jobs – including unauthorized software.

Inventory management
Efficiently manage and track all your IT SaaS and Accounts assets to prevent issues before they arise, enhancing overall security posture.

Usage and security logs
Easily identify which applications are used and how they are being accessed with security logging across 100k+ Applications. 

risk management

Mitigating shadow IT risk

Shadow IT score
Understand which shadow IT is imposing the largest data risk to your company.

Enriched application information
100k+ Applications cataloged with risk, description, and identifying information.

Unsanctioned SaaS usage
View usage metrics with authorized use of applications beyond IT oversight and out of employee acceptable use policies.

Compliance risk mitigation
Report on shadow IT in its tracks and identify regulatory risks.

Expanded log review
Understand file behaviors, access methods, and risks for all users and all apps. 

SaaS New Alerts - 2024
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Take the Guesswork out of SSO (1)


A proactive approach to compliance

Single sign-on
Make controlling access a breeze by integrating with your existing IDP.

Mandatory 2FA
Make sure those accessing the network are who they say they are.

Audit logs
Verify who’s connecting to and making changes to the SaaS inventory.

Role based access control
Share SaaS info with the people you choose at the access levels you want them to have.

Compliance reports
Help demonstrate adherence to various regulatory standards.

Why Choose Auvik?

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Proactive identification
Prevent what you can’t see by illuminating every corner of your SaaS ecosystem.

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SSO & account management
Strengthen your first line of identification against unauthorized access.

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Data sprawl management
Visualize apps where your data is
being hosted.

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Shadow IT governance
Bring light to the shadows by managing unsanctioned software within
your business

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Continuous compliance
Stay ahead of the curve with tools designed for the future of regulatory demands.

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SaaS monitoring
Enhance your security posture by proactively identifying and responding to emerging threats.


“I was auditing for data governance by using Auvik SaaS Management. I came across an end-user with more than 20 GB of business-related data in a Dropbox account. I never would’ve known that he was using Dropbox for company data.”

CEO, Avanzar