As an MSP, your clients want you to take full responsibility for keeping their networks running smoothly—and for diagnosing network issues, like loops or bottlenecks, that can impact employee productivity. But in the invisible world of network troubleshooting, how do you shine a light on the value of your service? In this joint webinar from Auvik and Continuum (now ConnectWise), we’ll share real-world network troubleshooting tips for MSPs based on how your peers dealt with client calamities using Auvik’s network management software. Host Steve Petryschuk, Director of Product Strategy at Auvik, will walk you through the most common networking issues faced today by clients, deep dive into Auvik’s troubleshooting capabilities, and share some feature tips and tricks. From smart light bulbs taking down a network, to technicians locked in a closet on site, you won’t want to miss this recap of some of our favorite network troubleshooting tips for MSPs: client scenarios and solutions to really drive home the value of investing in Auvik. Watch now: