Conducting a network assessment is a great way to fully understand a new client’s network, and find opportunities to generate revenue when you recommend improvements—like upgrading out-of-date infrastructure. Many steps in the assessment process can be automated, but sourcing warranty and patch information about each network device has traditionally involved MSPs looking up serial numbers one by one.

Now, through the Auvik integration with Cisco, you can automatically determine whether infrastructure is up to date and covered so you can increase your revenue per client by replacing old or unprotected gear.

Watch this one-hour webinar with Brad Sakai, Cisco Sr. Product Line Manager, and Patrick Albert, Auvik AVP Product Management to learn:

  • How Auvik leverages the Cisco Inventory API to automatically gather network device warranty, patch, and firmware information
  • How access to key infrastructure biodata can help you improve client network security and performance
  • How to use this unprecedented visibility to generate revenue
  • And much more.

Generate Revenue with Cisco & Auvik