Justin Ong of Auvik

Justin Ong

I love tackling the puzzle of turning complex technical stuff into stories that people can’t help but get excited about. Mixing a bit of analytical magic with creative flair, I’ve built a rep for coming up with marketing ideas that not only teach but also bring folks closer together in the tech world. For me, marketing is all about being real and caring about what matters to folks. By diving headfirst into the worlds of different tech communities, I’ve made some genuine connections that keep people coming back for more and rooting for the brands I work with.

What’s your shadow IT risk factor?

Find out in this free guide and exercise kit.
cover of shadow IT ebook
You will learn:
  • The impact shadow IT has on an organization
  • How to evaluate tools
  • Tips on security
  • A quiz to help you determine the severity of shadow IT in your org
  • Solutions to solve these problems