Auvik will be the most intuitive
tool in your software stack.

Quickly navigate the network and stop wasting time just gathering data

Auvik’s network map is the fastest way to navigate the network—quickly see the big picture, narrow down possible devices to investigate, and zoom in to get the info you need.

Search And Filter - screenshot

Search & Filter

Find any device on the network in seconds

Auvik’s powerful search features let you zero in on a specific VLAN or device on the map by typing in its device name or type, vendor, network, interface name, IP address, or MAC address. Don’t remember the exact device name or IP? The intelligent search field can help you narrow it down.

Alert Overlay - screenshot

Alert Overlay

See all active alerts directly from the network map

On the Auvik map, alerts appear directly on top of an affected device so you can see where you need to focus and identify any other devices it’s connected to. By clicking on the alert indicator, you’ll immediately see all of the alert details.

Connection Details - screenshot

Connection Details

Immediately see how each device is connected

The Auvik map shows physical and logical connections. All you have to do is hover over a wire to see details about the connection, its operational status, its MAC address, and the interfaces on each end.

Device Details - screenshot

Device Details

Get quick access to device details

Hover over a device to see basic details like IP and status. Click on a device to bring up the device dashboard. Auvik takes care of bringing the information to you in one place, so that you can focus on resolution instead of gathering data.

Easily manage every site you’re responsible for, whether it’s across the city, country, or globe

Whether you’re an IT leader at a company with global offices or an MSP with clients all over the country, Auvik allows you to standardize how you manage multiple sites while helping you provide top quality support to all of them.

Distributed Site Management - screenshot

Unlimited Sites

Add as many new sites to Auvik as needed when your company grows

Auvik is built from the ground up to manage multiple sites easily, and it’s designed to grow with your company. If your company sets up new offices or your MSP wins new clients, you can add as many sites as necessary to support the new locations you’re responsible for managing.

Map Of Network Locations - screenshot

Map Of Network Locations

Easily visualize the performance and availability of your entire network

If your company or your clients are highly distributed, you can use the map to see all network locations you’re responsible for managing. Combined with Auvik’s alert notifications, you can quickly see which sites are experiencing issues.

Global Alerts View - screenshot

Global Alerts View

Manage alerts across all your sites in a central view

With Auvik’s global alert view, you can view, search, filter and manage alerts centrally, without having to drill into individual sites. With one click, you can access alert details and navigate to the specific device.

Global Inventory View - screenshot

Global Inventory View

View inventory across all your sites, all in one spot

With Auvik’s global inventory view, you can search and filter for devices across all sites. This is especially useful when a vulnerability is discovered—with Auvik, you can quickly identify all devices of the affected make and model across all sites.

User Management - screenshot

User Management

Manage user access across all your sites at once

Admins can easily control which sites a specific user has access to at a global level. This allows admins to restrict roles and access for local teams that only need visibility to a few sites.

Alert Definitions - screenshot

Alert Definitions

Manage alert definitions centrally or at each site

When adding a new alert definition, admins only have to define it once at the global level to have it pushed down to all the sites. Not only does this save time, it drives consistency in operations. Need to fine tune an alert just for one site? No problem, alerts definitions can be modified at the site level too.

Streamlined Billing - screenshot

Streamlined Billing

Drill down to the billable device counts at each site

If you’re billing managed services clients or internal departments based on the number of devices you’re managing, Auvik’s centralized billing dashboard allows you to quickly get the breakdown of managed devices by site or group to streamline customer invoicing or department chargebacks.

Access the network and troubleshoot issues without ever having to leave your desk

Take your pick between Auvik’s three remote management features to remotely connect to a device in Auvik’s inventory—no truck rolls required.

In App Terminal - screenshot

In-app Terminal

Manage a network device from wherever you have internet access

Auvik’s in-app terminal allows you to securely access any SSH or Telnet-enabled device through Auvik’s web interface with one simple click.

Remote Browser - screenshot

Remote Browser

Log into any device’s web interface from your Auvik dashboard

The Auvik remote browser allows you to connect to the web interface of a device in Auvik’s inventory using HTTP or HTTPS as if you were local to the device.

Remote Tunnel

Remote Tunnel

Access any service on any port on a device without being in the same room

Auvik uses the collector to establish a tunnel between the device you’re using and the remote device you want to access. The tunnel gives you flexibility—any network protocol can be piped through the tunnel, so you can remotely access any service using a network port.

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