How MSPs use Auvik to profitably grow their businesses

How can Auvik help real-life businesses like yours deliver more comprehensive network services while increasing efficiency and profit margins?

These success stories from Auvik clients dig into the details.

BCS uses Auvik to improve the company’s profitability

Business Computer Solutions is a managed service provider in the UK. Commercial Director Martin Hynes explains how Auvik helps BCS differentiate themselves in the market, close more accounts, solve network issues before clients call, and get maximum efficiency from their engineering team. BCS service engineer Daniel Bradley shares how Auvik helps his team automate ticket workflow and know exactly what’s happening with a client’s environment at all times.

“Auvik has saved us so much in terms of engineering resource, we are a more profitable organization.” – Martin Hynes, Commercial Director, BCS

Auvik Helps This MSP Provide Truly Proactive “Day Zero” Support

5K Technical Services, an MSP in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, uses Auvik’s network infrastructure RMM to stand out from the competition. Clients love the value they see from 5K Tech’s proactive network services, the company’s engineers love how easy Auvik is to use, and CEO Corey Kirkendoll appreciates the efficiency his team gains.

“We can manage from the server to the desktop all the way to the network layer… We couldn’t do that until we had Auvik.” – Corey Kirkendoll, President & CEO, 5K Technical Services

Small MSP Wins More Clients and Increases Margins with Auvik

NoctisIT, a three-person MSP in Austin, Texas, uses Auvik to impress prospects with the depth and accuracy of their IT assessments. Since implementing Auvik, the company has closed 100% of its deals. What’s more, the team has significantly improved their margins because now they’ve got a comprehensive view of each client environment and the work that needs to be done—and can quote appropriately.

“[Auvik] is an incredible piece of the knowledge framework of every customer.” – Jason Whitehurst, Founder & vCIO, NoctisIT

MSP Earns Customer Trust With Network Insights from Auvik

ITque saved a client $1 million in downtime in just 10 minutes using Auvik. And that’s just the beginning of the many benefits this California-based MSP has seen from Auvik’s network infrastructure RMM.

“Auvik’s monitoring and management capabilities, along with the visual representation that they provide, has really been a game changer for us.” – Rob Naragon, co-founder and CEO, ITque

Growing MSP Uncovers Huge Service Efficiencies With Auvik

Network Doctor is a growing managed services provider (MSP) focused on providing a “white glove” level of service to its 80 clients. One of their main goals is to help clients maintain the highest possible amount of uptime. Their existing network monitoring tool wasn’t up to the task. Then they discovered Auvik.

“Since using Auvik for our onboarding process, it’s taken a lot of what was a manual process and automated it. It has cut our onboarding time by at least 75%.” – Andrew Kropf, Infrastructure and Solutions Manager, Network Doctor

How a Hardware Reseller Accelerated Its Transition to Managed Services With Auvik

LAN3’s existing in-house service center had long been supporting customers on hardware components, so the company already had the skilled staff to offer a fully managed service. What was missing was a technology system to ensure the team of 25 could efficiently and profitably deliver on 24/7 service level agreements.

“With Auvik’s help, we are growing LAN3’s managed service ahead of schedule.” – Martin Jones, LAN3 Managing Director

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