Auvik raves, reviews & real-life stories

How does Auvik help IT teams keep the network running optimally while rocketing their efficiency and protecting
the business from network risk? These customer comments, Auvik reviews, case studies,
and real-life stories give you the lowdown.

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Truly proactive “Day Zero” support with Auvik

5K Technical Services, an MSP in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, uses Auvik’s network monitoring and management to stand out from the competition. Clients love the value they see from 5K’s proactive network services, the company’s engineers love how easy Auvik is to use, and CEO Corey Kirkendoll appreciates the efficiency his team gains.

“I like Auvik’s port mapping, intuitive UI, and configuration management features the most. … Knowing what’s connected to a network and instantly finding uplink and VLAN issues is a huge time saver.”

– Paz T.

“Auvik has proven to be a valuable tool in supporting our clients and resolving network traffic issues. The support and training is thorough and comprehensive.”

– David Buthlay, BEK Inc

Saving the day (and a million dollars) with Auvik

ITque saved a manufacturing client $1 million in assembly-line downtime in just 10 minutes using Auvik. And that’s just the beginning of the many benefits this California-based MSP has seen from Auvik’s network monitoring and management system.

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“One thing we love about Auvik is the ability to plug it into a completely foreign network and within minutes we have data on the assorted subnets, plans, and devices allowing us to come out of a prospect discovery typically with more detailed notes than their existing guy or provider even has. Makes us look really good.”

– Reddit user

“We are finding it to be awesome and have already noted significant savings in terms of troubleshooting and documentation.”

– GMidboss, Reddit

“I save at least three times what I pay for Auvik every month in troubleshooting and resolving issues because it takes a lot less time. I have greater visibility and I don’t have to send somebody out every time I have a problem.”

– Luis Alvarez, Alvarez Technology Group

“Awesome product. Catches things my customers don’t believe it catches.”

– Matthew Hollander, H3C LLC

“Auvik helps us make money and save money. Not only do we use it to generate revenue and leads with network assessments, but we’ve also been able to replace tools and be more efficient. Where we would normally have to use a particular skillset and do things by hand, we’re now able to drop that down two or three levels and take less time to do it.”

– Zach Evans, Sophisticated Systems

Noctis IT Auvik case study

More sales wins, higher margins with Auvik

NoctisIT, a three-person MSP in Austin, Texas, uses Auvik to impress prospects with the depth and accuracy of their IT assessments. Since implementing Auvik, the company has closed 100% of its deals. What’s more, the team has significantly improved their margins because now they’ve got a comprehensive view of each client environment and the work that needs to be done—and can quote appropriately. Download the case study

Auvik’s scanning and detection is scary fast. Its ability to help you discover networks is amazing, I have never seen another product like it. And the convenience of accessing switches, firewalls, UPS, printers, etc. through your browser without VPNs or other hassles saves time every time you use it. Configuration capture that just works, device mapping that just works. Bonus for the information it gleans from VMWare and even Windows systems.”

– Darren White, Apex Technology Management

“Originally we got Auvik in order to assist with company onboarding. After working with it for a few months now, I can honestly say that it’s a pretty night-and-day experience. In the past we’d just been doing a lot of manual exploration as we brought customers on; now we deploy Auvik and all the relevant information we need is right there. It’s especially handy in messier environments with communication across multiple network segments. Highly recommend this tool!”

– Connor Crain, Technology Group Solutions

“We like the automated switch and firewall backups, and we love the network maps. We also really like that the software integrates with our PSA, and that we can onboard clients rapidly. We decided to add value to our most valuable clients by giving them this service for free, and are also planning to sell this service to new clients.”

– Jonathan S.

“Really great software to have installed when you are troubleshooting. Monitoring really fills that gap left by Automate’s lack of SNMP. Huge value from the way licensing is set up regarding monitoring workstations/servers on top of the network devices. Alex and his support team are really great and responsive.”

– Peter Reynolds, Lanspeed

“I always get excited by new tech/software. I have been a fan of Connectwise for a long time, anyone who has worked with me knows that. They recently introduced me to their networking partners Auvik and to say I am impressed is an understatement. There are so many monitoring tools out there on the market and they all have their own unique USPs, but this one has lots. So if you are looking for a networking monitoring tool, especially one that links to Connectwise products, look at Auvik, I am positive you will be impressed. During a recent demo I had a network engineer sitting with me, a guy with nearly 20 years experience on his own network. He was blown away, it taught him things even he did not know about his network. Well worth a look folks, MSP standard tools for everyone!”

– Daniel Creasey, Resolve Cloud Solutions

“Auvik’s value comes in the speed of response. … The faster we can get an issue fixed, not only is the client back up and running and happier, but we’re more profitable.”

– Robinson Roca, Helient Systems LLC

“For managing a network, it gives everything you could ask for in a toolset. It has the ability to back up network devices that are critical for a business. It gives an overview of what is on the network. The ability to connect to a remote browser for management indicates that you do not need local access for the devices. It overall is a great tool.”

– Michael Schmit, Innova Technologies

“We use [Auvik] and love it. It helped us find the “ghost in the machine” issues several times that were due to configuration issues on different devices that were not obvious.”

– JSchowalter4678, Reddit

“When pitching for new business, Auvik enables us to easily highlight the depth of our service. The interface, topology maps, and reporting functionality never fail to impress prospects. Once we get that far, we expect to win the account.”

– Martin Jones, LAN3

“Auvik fills in the gap to provide monitoring and support for network devices that other tools miss the mark on. It is catching alerts for items we were missing in the past.”

– Michael LaFond, Lanspeed

“I just finished using Auvik earlier this morning troubleshooting an issue at a customer. Found a fingerprint door entry device that was generating excessive traffic on their network, affecting performance of all other devices on the network.”

– Anthony, OrLANtech

“We originally Looked into Auvik to complement our RMM tool to see all devices. It has become a valuable asset in our tools used to manage our clients. It has increased our efficiency, making us aware of issues and alerting us instantly. Its helped us be more proactive instead of reactive. Has also helped us in our documentation, especially Visio diagrams since it maps out everything that is on the network. It’s now a requirement for any new client we onboard.”

– Jeremy Estrada, Internet Contrasts

“As a Network Engineer, I have been using Auvik for 5+ years now, and I can’t say enough about how amazing the product is. It has become an integral part of our IT toolkit and is something that we deploy to every client, regardless of size. I can’t imagine doing my job without Auvik, and I hope I’ll never have to.

Yet above all, the most impressive thing about Auvik is its employees. Auvik’s incredible sales team is one of the most knowledgeable in the industry, and from the moment you first meet them, it is obvious that their number one goal is your company’s success. Post sales, when it comes to client support, Auvik’s crew is easily the gold standard. I have never had a single interaction with Auvik support that hasn’t left me completely and overwhelmingly satisfied. The courtesy and professionalism that the team of support engineers shows, their amazingly quick response times, and their unparalleled knowledge of both the Auvik platform as a whole as well as a majority of the vendors that they support is a shining example of how to operate in this industry. Kudos Auvik for setting the bar, and setting it high!”

– Wes Hall, Stellar Technologies

“Auvik is great. … I can charge a customer to monitor 1 single ESXi host, which covers the cost of monitoring all their network devices. You also have to think of the time saved when troubleshooting issues, seeing the entire network really helps.”

– amw3000, Reddit

“Here comes Auvik. In the past, we would chase our tails for weeks on intermittent slowness issues, and after the customer is frustrated get SysArch to set up temporary monitoring. SysArch would catch the issue 50% of the time. With Auvik, managed services was able to ID the slowness issue immediately and provide clear support for the root cause. One or two catches per month on stuff like this will pay for the tool in saved engineering time and improved customer satisfaction. Another step in moving our product from good to great.”

– Mike Williams, Winxnet

“I’m a hard core network engineer, a staunch CLI jockey, and the architect/lead for my firm. I transitioned my firm’s network practice from a traditional monitoring application to monitoring and maintenance through Auvik. In just a short few weeks, I turned on monitoring, management, and tracking for about 60 clients and 1,500 – 2,000 pieces of network gear. That number has grown in the past year I’ve been using Auvik, and it’s become an indispensable tool to my firm. My team no longer needs direct username and password details from my client’s gear, which aids in meeting my compliance standards. We’re able to trace an IP to a switch port in seconds, visually, in Auvik. We maintain config backups and keep audit trails of firmware versions and upgrades, and lastly GUI access to anything internal to my client’s network without the need of VPN. Trust me–I tried the small number of competitors out there and Auvik is the real deal.”

– Robinson Roca, Helient Systems, LLC

“Hey, just wanted to let you know that I think Auvik is an unbelievable product. You guys have done an amazing job of putting together something truly unique and effective. And your support staff is top notch. So great job on everything you’ve accomplished so far. And thank you for always being super responsive and helpful. I like that you personally stay in touch with what’s going on.”

– Matt Glaze, Cadence Team, LLC

“We’ve been using Auvik for a few months. Its value, especially during problem mitigation, is invaluable. Without Auvik, we would have spent significantly more time troubleshooting a variety of issues. For example, one of our clients reported slow network performance. Auvik helped us to remotely identify that they had installed a slow unmanaged switch (100Mbps). Without Auvik, we would have likely needed a site visit. With it, we identified the problem and had a resolution in short order.”

– John Beyer, Realized Solutions, Inc

“After using Auvik for about four months, I can tell you it is one of the most powerful tools in our management suite, not only because of all of the features built into it, but also because it is a great documentation tool. When you deploy it during onboarding or discovery, it will literally tell you what you don’t know and what you need to find out: passwords, SNMP strings, etc. It’s indispensable!”

– Luis Alvarez, Alvarez Technology Group

“We first bought Auvik to use for simple network topology and address management. But it has become a much more useful tool as we continue to use it. The ease of documentation, troubleshooting and device management has made our lives much easier. Not only are we able to monitor our networks with ease we can also visually see them. Auvik is continually working and updating the service to improve on an already great product.”

– Will Lee, PNC IT

“We started using Auvik a few months ago and it has already saved us many hours of troubleshooting. Particularly in large environments with a lot of L2/L3 equipment, it can be an absolute lifesaver. Having immediate visibility into “what’s plugged in where” across an environment with 35 switches, 30 Access Points and 10 routers has ended the days of wild goose hunting or relying on complex documentation to keep track of where everything is connected. Highly recommended!”

– Benjamin Rutter, The Logic Group

“There are so many features and tools that Auvik is better than a Swiss Army knife for IT. Not only can you set monitoring and alerts, but you have the management tools to help you get connected to the errant node. I have used many other products similar to Auvik, but this is the best for price and performance”

– Jeff Hauser, Innovative Integration, Inc

“Auvik is a great network tool that gives you the ability to have a visual representation of a client’s network in real time that you can interact with. It does take a little bit of tweaking to get it set up and going but once you’ve got devices edited, login credentials, SNMP and WMI enabled you get a plethora of really essential network information! We’ve been able to pinpoint bandwidth hogs, dead or dying ports on switches and uncover devices we never even knew existed!”

– Crystal Sharpe, Next I.T.

This is honestly one of my favorite products to use. It’s the most fun I have using IT software.

Pros: Auvik is great for mapping out your networks. It’s really nice to get an overall view of your networked devices and how they all connect to each other. And it’s wonderful for troubleshooting outages and connection issues because you can see everything including the actual switch ports being used. But my absolute favorite part of Auvik is the discovery portion. You install the agent and it goes out and sees what networks it can see. And then it starts querying the devices with either the default credentials it has or the ones you put in yourself. And it starts building out your network. It shows you where everything is and guesses at the things, like unmanaged hubs, that it can’t see. And then it finds new networks and asks if you want to scan those too and you have your main office and all the branches all in one beautiful picture with different lines indicating Layer2/Layer2/VPN/Wireless and I just find it so enjoyable. It also is great for MSPs. The billing breakdown is very nice, and it’s very easy for us to have access to all our clients but then give our clients access to just their own stuff. And the notifications are easy to setup and very granular.

Cons: Honestly I have very few problems with Auvik. Sometimes it’s harder to view really large networks in an easy way. I would like better options for exporting the network map but I honestly might just not understand how to use the options I have now. I would like some more integrations but they are constantly working on that, and they have already announced IT Glue integration, so it’s a very small issue.”

– Matthew Greenbaum, Envision Technology Advisors

“We have been using this software for about a year now as an MSP. It’s great. Any network issue pops up, we just go to Auvik, and we can usually pinpoint it to a specific device or network connection. Not long ago, we had the primary DC that authenticated all VPN traffic go down. I could not remote into the network. However, we were able to use Auvik to create a new VPN tunnel into one of the servers and then get everything fixed from there. You can back up, and do change control on all your network devices. It’s easily worth the cost in time saved troubleshooting issues on the network.”

– Chris M.

“Hey, just wanted to let you know that I think Auvik is an unbelievable product. You guys have done an amazing job of putting together something truly unique and effective. And your support staff is top notch. So great job on everything you’ve accomplished so far. And thank you for always being super responsive and helpful. I like that you personally stay in touch with what’s going on.”

– Matt Glaze, Cadence Team, LLC

“It makes onboarding new customers easier for less experienced engineers as it does a good job of finding devices and directing them to put in credentials to manage. It makes the entire network more “visible” with the diagram it draws but also the constant discovery of network devices. I also love the automatic configuration backups of switches/routers and the versioning. I also love the visual of being able to quickly figure out which port something is plugged into. it takes that burden off more experienced staff.”

– Sean B.

“Auvik is a valuable and affordable tool for my MSP. Auvik has allowed me to do much, much more with much less expense than having a dedicated network administrator and home-built-tools. The tool is easy to deploy, provides useful alerting out-of-the-box, has the flexibility for SNMP and other types of credentials to meet my security needs. The pricing model is easy to understand and affordable. Automatic backups of configurations and the ability to compare changes in previous versions is great. Using Auvik we can now really answer the question, “How come my network is slow?” and drill in to specific devices and usage. My experiences with support have been positive. When I have a question they’ve been responsive and helpful in explaining how to either configure or use the product.”

– John B.

“One of my clients is a hospital. Last year they moved their EMR software to a cloud provider and ran into a bunch of issues with performance. The software they were using for network monitoring wasn’t giving us enough information to help us figure out why we were seeing slowness at times. We had already rolled out Auvik, which helped us find a bunch of configuration issues caused by growth of the network, so once TrafficInsights was available we turned it on and went to town on figuring out what was causing their performance problems. Come to find out their Symantec AV server was dominating their internet connection at times causing problems with the responsiveness of their EMR software. We also found that their VPN tunnels used to transfers xrays between hospitals generated quite a bit of traffic. This ended with us moving their EMR traffic to a dedicated firewall on a different internet circuit which fixed most of their performance issues. The only issues they have now are at the hosting provider.”

– Tom Wyant, Wyant Computer Services

“Auvik gives us the inside information we’ve always wanted and integrates with our favorite tools to send us alerts and create tickets. Would HIGHLY recommend. You’ll be surprised at the network bottlenecks you had no idea about once this starts pumping out alerts. Excellent.”

– Matthew Weir, DKBInnovative