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Keep remote workers connected with proactive VPN monitoring

When you enable SSL VPN monitoring on a firewall in Auvik, you can automatically see how many VPN sessions are in use and if you’re approaching your license limit. With this data, you can save hours otherwise spent manually collecting the data one device at a time and protect remote users from unnecessary downtime caused by capacity issues.

Auvik feature - VPN

  • Seamless setup. You don’t need any extra devices or software to monitor VPNs—simply define the maximum number of licenses on a firewall to get started.
  • Customizable alerts. Know when you’re running out of capacity in real-time with four customizable alerts tracking the number of active VPN sessions on each enabled device.
  • Actionable insights. Use the available data to make your case to proactively purchase more VPN licenses or upgrade the firewall hardware before users are affected.
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