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Get to the root cause of network issues
faster than ever before

Auvik centralizes syslog for all of your network devices so you can view, search, and filter logs directly from your device dashboard, giving you critical insight into what went wrong and why when troubleshooting network issues.

Auvik feature - one-button configuration restore

  • Simple setup. You don’t need any extra devices or software to start using syslog. If you have an Auvik collector installed on the network and you’ve configured your device to forward syslog, you’ll start seeing logs in minutes.
  • Streamlined troubleshooting. You can easily see network topology, performance metrics, configurations, traffic, and logs without ever having to leave your browser or jump between tools, which means you save tons of troubleshooting time.
  • No on-going maintenance. With one lightweight Auvik collector for all of your data sources, you don’t have to maintain any additional collectors just for syslog or babysit a log collection database. Auvik securely stores your logs and gives you 14 days of history.
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