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In minutes, see exactly how your network is connected

Give wire tracing and port mapping the permanent boot! Auvik’s automated network mapping software tells you exactly what’s on a client network, where it is, and how it’s connected. You’ll quickly gain a detailed understanding of a client’s environment to prepare an initial assessment or quote. And you’ll never be caught short by unexpected gotchas that can eat into your team’s time and profit. What’s more, every network topology is maintained in real-time so it never goes out of date.

logical network diagram physical network diagram

  • Accurate. Auvik pulls information from places like CDP, LLDP, and forwarding tables to meticulously model the Layer 1 network diagram. Layers 2 and 3 are built from ARP tables, IP assignments, and VLAN associations. Where definitive connections can’t be determined, the system uses proprietary algorithms to infer connections.
  • Vendor-neutral. Auvik works with any business gear. We can identify over 15,000 devices from over 700 vendors.
  • Fully automated. Sit back and watch Auvik draw your client’s network for you. No more querying devices one time-consuming step at a time, and no more messing with hand-drawn diagrams.
  • Live. As things change on your network, they change on your network map.
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